2015 BMW i8

Catégorie: Coupé

Origine: DE Allemagne

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Contributeur: Zorbkobra18


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CN GD-6493

2021-10-08 16:27
airiosaka a écrit
Light of K50 is smaller than this photo.And K50 doesn't has a grille like this.It isn't Qiantu K50.

JP airiosaka

2021-10-07 17:07
Qiantu K50

UK Daboi492

2021-10-06 15:40
Opel GT?

RU rozanoff

2021-08-21 00:30
BMW i8 with Renaukt headlights.

ID Speedy17

2021-08-19 01:45
Looks like a car that Synetic would made for Cobra 11 games

CA PrairieRanger

2021-08-18 23:46
It kind of reminds me of the Renault RS.01 and Renault Dezir.

ID Zorbkobra18

2021-08-15 15:35
in "License Plate Lottery" section when logged off from game account

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