2014 Chaparral 2X Vision Gran Turismo

Surname: Fuxi

Class: Proto / Concept

Origin: US USA

Playable and downloadable vehicle
: Skin for Zen



Contributor: Zorbkobra18

Contributor: Zorbkobra18


Author Message

CN GD-6493

2021-09-23 16:55
According to an official news,it will appear in next version as a skin of Zen.

CN GD-6493

2021-08-16 05:13
Maybe this is a skin of Zen.I found a news about it

ID Zorbkobra18

2021-08-15 00:29
Currently available in "Beautiful Car Preview" section when logged off from game account, no information of it being playable

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2021-08-15 00:37:42

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