2017 BMW M2

Infos supplémentaires: Beta Handling Edition

Châssis: F87

Catégorie: Coupé

Origine: DE Allemagne

Véhicule jouable à télécharger
: Hot Shots Update



Contributeur: Speedevil

Contributeur: Speedevil

Contributeur: Speedevil


Auteur Message

BE Speedevil

2019-05-21 12:12
Yes, I meant F-Type. :p

This is the release version. I wouldn't be allowed to post that otherwise.

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2019-05-21 12:13:06

TD Automotive Gaming

2019-05-21 09:40
Mark0 a écrit

Woah, X-Type, you don't see them in games.


Speedevil a écrit
...The C 63 AMG and the X-Type...

Are you sure you didn't mean F-Type, tho?

RB Mark0

2019-05-21 09:36
Speedevil a écrit

Woah, X-Type, you don't see them in games.


2019-05-21 03:49
great. Can u drive them in the release version?
CH Solarriors

2019-05-21 00:48
Nice it was time for a better handling

BE Speedevil

2019-05-20 23:53
This is a temporary version of the M2 to test a new handling model. The C 63 AMG and the F-Type have also gotten special beta versions like this one. The beta cars will stay in the game even if they're not available for purchase anymore, so I decided to add them here.

-- Last edit:
2019-05-21 12:12:34

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