1999 Ford Windstar

Surnom: Westbury

Châssis: WIN126

Catégorie: Fourgon / Monospace

Origine: US Etats-Unis

Véhicule jouable



Contributeur: Attacker1997

Contributeur: Attacker1997


Auteur Message
AR BadHairDay

2014-02-03 23:21
I think this is a VW Sharan though
TH opal

2012-03-28 03:39
This looks like a mix of Ford Windstar and Toyota Sienna, but without sliding doors. as you know generic minivan.
US Geoman

2012-03-24 02:06

2009-10-05 21:03
aerostar or pontiac transport concept from 1989 i think
CA dodge1970

2009-05-19 22:30
Its a Caravan in the first game so shouldn't this be as well?

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