2013 Chrysler 300

Extra info: SRT-8

Chassis: LX

Class: Sedan

Origin: US USA

Playable vehicle



Contributor: Speedevil

Contributor: Speedevil

Contributor: Speedevil


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US robloxg0d750

2020-07-17 07:35
The Chrysler 300 is one of the safest sedans in the country and has only had one fatal crash (in lab ratsby fllin off of a bridge) The 2013 model has a 5 star NHTSA rating and is a popular luxury car and much better than the Cadillac CTS or Lincoln Continental imo. This model has a vareity of engines from a 3.7 V6 to a 6.2 Supercharged HEMI V8. One of my roblox friends has a 300C IRL

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