GAZ 21 Volga

Surname: Model - 21

Class: Sedan

Origin: RS USSR

Playable vehicle



Contributor: Belich

Contributor: Belich


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2018-01-17 06:46
Widely spread throughout Russia, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, and Mongolia during the sixties and seventies, the Black Volga became a particularly frightening myth.

The Black Volga was a Volga limousine with white rims and curtains. The car would come out of nowhere, kidnap children and kill anyone who got close to it, either instantly or within 24 hours. No one knew why it took the children.

Another thing people didn't know was who drove the car. Some say it was priests. Others say it was nuns. Other people say it was Satan worshippers, or maybe the Devil himself. However there has been no hard evidence to support the story.

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