1998 Chevrolet Corvette

Surnom: Coquette

Mk: 5

Catégorie: Coupé

Origine: US Etats-Unis

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Contributeur: twingo

Contributeur: twingo


Auteur Message
US lcpdcv

2013-01-27 02:25
Yes, because we didn't already know the manufacturers 4 years ago.
US lcpdcv

2012-09-29 05:11
Someone-just ban him. We don't need anymore car illiterate foreigners on this site.

2012-02-22 21:03
It's a C5 definitely. The rear is rounded, unlike the C6 which had a sharp rear end.
CA thehair17

2011-07-22 03:31
I'd say C5 because of the slanted front
US bigblockbuicks1

2010-04-22 23:15
chevy corvette 98-04 maybe
i think it is a callaway
mosler... no

2009-11-11 18:51
Varsity Heights, Westminster, The Meat Quarter, Suffolk, Middle Park, Rotterdam Hill or South Slopes most of the time.
US pv15

2009-11-11 05:04
Where can you find this at in the game?
IE Road Wars Fanatic

2009-09-14 18:00
Default Station: Liberty Rock Radio 97.8.
ES mansory_vs_gemballa

2009-09-04 20:24
chevrolet corvette c6 finalmente

-- Last edit:
2009-09-04 20:26:29

US Black Bart

2009-06-18 22:58
It's a Corvette, alright. Besides, the Callaway C12 is completely rare to find in New York.

2008-08-09 20:14
Made by Invetero

CA SizSkiizd

2008-05-10 13:36

CA SizSkiizd

2008-03-08 13:55
Only the front...

FR takumi

2008-02-22 13:07
callaway c12 (corvette C6)

2008-02-22 10:00
Notice the blue car to the right of what i think is a Callaway Corvette, that's most likely the new Comet whcih we were having a discussion on.

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