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About the site itself

What is the purpose of this site?
This site can be used to find in which video game a particular car is visible, or to have more info about some cars visible in a particular video game. You will also find lots of pictures of these cars, taken directly from the video games.
Why does IGCD appear to be the same as IMCDB?
The same code was implemented into IGCD from IMCDB, from the kind permission of antp, the admin of IMCDB.
Who made this site? How can I help you?
The content of the site is the result of the cooperative work of several people that like cars and video games, especially when the two are mixed together. There are few administators, of course, but anybody can contribute to the site by sending new pictures, complete missing info, add comments about cars or video games or help us to recognize unidentified vehicles.
I found an error/misnamed vehicle. I want to add a missing vehicle. I want to send you a new picture for a vehicle. How I can do that?
To add info or correct existing info, you can directly post in the comments on the video game and vehicle pages. For that you must create an account and then login. If you want to send us new pictures, see the Contact section above.
Why can't I directly correct the info on the site or add pictures? What shall I do to become administrator?
To prevent problems only few people are allowed to edit the data of the site. The administrators are the most active members, usually those that sent lots of pictures or that were able to identify quickly lots of cars. So after some time you may be prompted to become an administrator if you are in one of those cases.
Where do the pictures come from?
Pictures come from a variety of sources, some directly captured from users and some screenshots are provided from other websites.

Video Games

How can I find a video game on the site?
Use the title search box located in the top right corner of each page.
I cannot find a particular video game
Try to enter only a part of the title (e.g. one word, or the title without the "The"), in some cases the title can be written either with a dash ("-") or a space. If you still cannot find the video game, it may simply mean that it is not yet listed on the site.
In the search results I also get results that do not contain the word that I typed!
Each video game can have three titles: original, English or US title, French title. If you use the site in English you will also get video games that have the searched word in their French title even if it is not displayed.
Why don't you list the German/Swedish/... title?
We cannot list all the titles. The French title is included because at first the site was French/English-only. Maybe that in the future we will include more alternative titles.


I saw car Y in video game Z, why is it not included?
Maybe because only few cars for a game were listed (i.e. the user had not completed the game fully and thus did not get access to the complete range of vehicles), maybe we missed it, or maybe it was not estimated important enough. For example, the parked vehicles that can sometimes be seen in many rally games may not have been deemed important by the user, as they are merely lowly detailed background vehicles.
What are these numbers/letters between "[...]" in the model names?
For some makes, we use the official contructor type number since the model name is not always possible to guess, and not always useful. This is especially the case for the Mercedes and BMW, but we also extended it to other makes/models like Jaguar XJ, Volkswagen (mostly for Beetles), Chevrolet Corvette, Porsche, Lotus...
Why is this Opel Astra listed as a Vauxhall? Why some Dodge Viper are listed as Chrysler Viper?
We tried to keep the same convention for all cars: we use the name that the car had in the country that the game is set in. So in a British game the Opel Astra is called the Vauxhall Astra, and in a French game the pre-2004 Viper models are Chrysler, for example.
What kind of vehicles are listed?
Basically any vehicle that includes wheels can be included. This therefore consists of cars, bikes, trucks, buses and other land vehicles (excluding snowmobiles). Other vehicles such as boats and planes are not to be included, as well as futuristic ships such as the vehicles seen in Wipeout. However, you can still post images of these vehicles as thumbnails in any game's comments section.
What does "Made For Game" mean?
These are vehicles that do not bear any resemblance to a real-world vehicle. While unlicensed vehicles can often be somewhat based on real ones, this category is strictly for those which are totally unique.
How are selected the years of the vehicles?
The years of the cars will have to be placed towards the year in which the particular model of car was released, since it is rare to find a video game with properly licensed vehicles.