Pro Race Driver (2002)

Type: Racing

Developer: Codemasters

Publisher: Codemasters

Platforms: PC, PS2, Xbox

Damageable vehicles: Yes


  • Playable Vehicles

    AC Cobra
    AC Cobra
    2001 Alfa Romeo 147 BTC-T
    2001 Alfa Romeo GTV
    2002 Audi TT-R
    1965 Austin Mini Cooper S
    Chevrolet Cavalier
    1978 Chevrolet Corvette
    2001 Chevrolet Corvette
    2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo NASCAR
    1969 Dodge Charger
    2002 Dodge Neon
    2000 Dodge Viper
    2000 Dodge Viper GTS-R
    1995 Eagle Talon
    Ford Falcon
    GMD DPRS T230
    Holden Commodore
    Koenig C62
    1998 Lexus IS 200
    Lola B01/60 MG
    1999 Lotus Motor Sport Elise
    Marcos Mantara LM 600
    Marcos Mantis GT3
    2002 Mercedes-Benz CLK-DTM
    2002 Mercedes-Benz CLK-DTM
    MG ZR
    MG ZS
    1999 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI
    1996 Mitsubishi Mirage Asti
    2002 Nissan Skyline
    2002 Nissan Skyline
    2002 Opel Astra V8 Coupé
    Peugeot 406 Coupé
    Proton Satria
    2002 SAAB 9-5
    Subaru Impreza
    Subaru Impreza
    Toyota Chaser
    1999 Toyota GT-One
    Toyota Supra
    Toyota Supra
    2000 TVR Cerbera Speed 12
    TVR Tuscan
    TVR Tuscan Challenge
    Vauxhall Astra Coupé


    Author Message

    US RKDxNT3000

    2022-04-03 22:40
    I've yet to find a copy of this game on Xbox or PS2. It's the only one I'm missing in the TOCA Race Driver series (TOCA Race Driver 1-3)

    FR Skyline159

    2021-09-24 18:24
    Yes. The CPU are harder to beat them.

    IT burninrubber12345

    2021-09-24 14:54
    Honestly this is one of the worst racing games I've ever played.
    Expecially for the AI and the physic, in fact some cars like the Supra are almost impossible to drive and some championships are badly designed.
    This is the lowest point of the franchise alogn with World Touring Cars.

    -- Last edit:
    2021-09-24 14:56:51

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