Jail Break (1986)

Type : Action

Développeur: Konami Industry Co. Ltd.

Editeur: Konami UK Ltd.

Plateformes: Amstrad CPC, Arcade, Commodore 64, PC, Xbox 360, ZX Spectrum

Véhicules endommageables: Oui


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    Dodge Monaco


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    ID Alif R

    2020-08-23 07:15
    TheGreaser a écrit
    I got something to say for the future of IGCD.
    -Better security
    -New webmasters
    -Have a no-asset-theft policy mandated
    -Ban ALL existing trolls, rather than deleting their comments

    And fix the bug where the site is stuck in zoom.Sometimes this happens in my phone while opening site from a link instead of Home Pge

    CL Klumb3r

    2020-08-23 02:41
    victorvance and walter, since are mods, you could join the Discord, and talk/know about the future of IGCD.

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