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Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution

Grand Theft Auto V (2013)
Maybe in 6 we will get the full size Monstrosity?

This car is great the drive, quick, responsive and grippy.
Renault R5 Turbo 3E

Grand Theft Auto V (2013)
It's the second update in a row that adds a brand new French brand.

Surely they would only need the one, especially given that Renault and Alpine are so similar?

People also believe that the Toundra Panthere is a backport from GTA6, which creates more questions than answers...
Audi Q7

Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown (2024)
I find it odd they are using an older model...?
Maybe it is a throwback to TDU2?

Paradise Killer (2020)
I have this and it's pretty cool, very unique. Like a vapourwave fever dream made into a murder mystery.
Chevrolet Malibu

Grand Theft Auto V (2013)
Rockstar and ruining otherwise good cars, name a more iconic duo

Test Drive: Eve of Destruction (2004)
This game was great. A true hidden gem. I only first played it a few years ago and it holds up with more modern titles easily.

Grand Theft Auto V (2013)
SO, we're adding planes and boats now?
Ford F-1

Saints Row (2022)
Why didn't they just call it the Betsy?

Saints Row (2022)
Anyone have any opinions on this game> I've played all SR games - 2 is one of my all-time favourites.

It's OK I guess. Sometimes it's good but not always. I like the new car customization, and some of the new cars, but many of the names are silly. Like the Vigilance - should be Nordberg, no?

I see some parts of this game crafted with care and attention and passion, but others that clearly aren't. As if it were made by a team of people who rarely spoke. Probably because that's true
Western Star 57X

American Truck Simulator (2016)
Just replaced my old WS for this. I didn't realise it was basically a Cascadia rebadge, I don't follow the US truck industry and never played with the Cascadia in-game.
Eunos Roadster

#DRIVE (2019)
I think it is spiritually an MX-5. 1989 matches and as does the duel rear lights, pop-ups and the lower "mouth" in the grille. They've made it sharper to make it more unique.
Mazda CX-5

Motor Town: Behind The Wheel (2021)
This is playable, it can be bought at the water treatment plant for $40k

Motor Town: Behind The Wheel (2021)
I have this, it's okay. Somewhat decent physics and a neat concept, it's good for the price and the fact it's made only by one guy, and it has frequent updates
Toyota Previa

The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience (2021)
I really like this, a good modernization of the Previa
Dodge Charger (2013)
In the latest post the dev said that this car will be added before Christmas, so we don't have to wait long...
Polski Fiat 126p

Far Cry 6 (2021)
Clearly ripped from the base game, given a union jack and sold in the Watch Dogs pack, masquerading as a Mini
Ferrari 275 GTB/2

Far Cry 6 (2021)
This is just a skin for an existing car already listed

Far Cry 6 (2021)
I have this and have unlocked a vehicle station can see all land vehicles.

This page is basically already complete, there is a paltry amount of vehicles here.

The Lada, Bel Air, sports car, the sedan listed here as the Impala, and the mercury coupe, 60s truck, 80s truck added today and sidecar motorcycle are the only civillian cars.

The only thing not listed is a late 40s/early 50s GM truck. This truck, the ZiL, UAZ and some others have a few variants.

However most annoyingly, the game has been released with themed content packs. Two have cars, one a highly modified 90s tuner in a cyberpunk style. One pack is themed after watch dogs legion. Its car is clearly a Fiat 126, in the preview image you can see the badge, it's called the Turin Gorski. It's been cut from the game and given a union jack to be sold separately.

Otherwise the game is good, runs well, fun to play. Pretty similar to other Far Cry games though.

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Saints Row (2022)
I'm a huge fan of the first Saints Row games, especially SR1 and SR2.

I can understand people complaining that the vibe is wrong, especially with the bright colours and the CGI teaser trailer.

However, SR1 and SR2 were very 2000s in tone. All the edgy humour is long out of fashion now and the gang wars stuff was dead even by SR2. It may have been better to set the game in the 2000s, maybe following a breakaway group of saints between SR1 and SR2? I do hope they keep the balance between light-hearted silliness with dark story moments. SR2 did this well and it worked and meant the story was impactful.

Let's hope they don't mess it up, but we are living in the worst timeline so it will probably be somehow worse than anyone could predict.
Chevrolet Advance-Design Loadmaster

American Truck Simulator (2016)
I think it's to give a classic road trip vibe, all the old cars are pretty rare in traffic

Automation - The Car Company Tycoon Game (2018)
Does anyone else play this?

It's my most played game on steam. This page needs updating, some cars have been removed and many added.

Also, it is unfeasible to add every variant of a model to this page. Every new model for a while now has loads if variants, usually at least three wheelbases. Variants include saloon, wagons, coupes and also larger things like MPVs, SUV, vans, utes, kei variants etc. Most cars have a dozen or so variants. I recommend the main picture is variant most commonly used, with the other variants in the comments.

I can provide pictures if somebody likes?
Renault Clio

Shadows on the Vatican - Act I: Greed (2014)
It's a Mark 1 Clio
Audi Q7

Estranged: Act II (2019)
It's an Audi Q7

Mafia: Definitive Edition (2020)
I've spent the last two days playing this game - I have 45 out of the 50 cars unlocked in the carcylopedia and have completed the story.

I like the game and the story, and it is a mostly faithful remaster story-wise. Some lines are different and some missions have changed slightly, but the story had no glaring issues - although it's been ages since I last played the original.

The city is also accurate enough for me to know where I'm going without a map based on memory of the previous game - although there are differences. The countryside is unrecognizable and very hilly.

The gunplay is basically the same as Mafia 3.

The driving is good, realistic like all the Mafia games. You also have a manual shifting option like the original game.

Unfortunately, I think this game was rushed. Some aspects are very fleshed out, with new news reports, callbacks to the original game, yet other areas are lacking. There's even a re-used car dealer advert - featuring a 50s car, seen across the city. There are only a handful of civilian models, all in dull low detail outfits, which takes away from the setting somewhat. You can't ride the tram or train.

Free ride extreme does not return, and you have no options for normal free ride. You cannot change the time of day, weather, spawn location, traffic, or spawn with any vehicle. You have access to most of the cars in a garage, however not every vehicle. (No police cars, trucks, etc.)

Unfortunately, many cars are missing. The Crusader, Guardian, Wright, Falconer, and Thor do not return. The fast Thor (812) does return, and the game has a car named Falconer, but it much larger, similar to the Lassiter. All the unlockable hotrods are gone, and all the different body styles are gone. The 2/4dr/coupe/roadster of the Bolt Ace, Bolt V8, Bolt Model B are all gone. The Bolts are only 2-door roadsters or coupes. The only returning late-game cars are the Ulver Airstream (now the Culver Airstreamer) and Scubert Extra Six, now called the Delux. This is a shame as the cars that are here are amazing recreations of the original cars. Many new cars are added, mostly luxury and trucks.

This is why I think the game was rushed. Several new vehicles are extremely similar to other vehicles in the game, and many of the commercial vehicles are beautiful but useless to gameplay - yet the late game has so few cars. Because of the lack of vehicles, the streets are barren most of the game with only two or three cars spawning at any one time.

This is such a shame. The map and cars from Mafia 1 are iconic. I've driven the map in dozens of games and driven the cars in many games - all as mods. It's a shame they didn't get the HD remake they deserved.

I'm also very annoyed that the Lassiter V16 Fordor does not come in a green and white colour scheme. It's petty but they should have included it.

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Lada Niva

The Light: Remake (2020)
There's been a 5-door Niva for ages, they're still sold: (2013)
Yes, the game needs LOADS more cars. Just think of the D-series - if it's a truck line running since WW2, it will need at least three generations that came before, and three after, the current '88-'94 D-series. To add as many cars as the game needs, they need to add two or three totally brand new cars per update, instead of two or three a year, and that's if we're lucky. I think the realistic, (usually) well-designed cars, with history and trim levels, is a big draw for Beam. But it doesn't mean anything if you don't have enough cars.

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2020-08-09 01:52:43 (2013)
I think the solution to adding all the variants to the page is add the variants in the comments? The page isn't cluttered but the information is still there for those that need it.

Am I the only one who thinks the Beam devs have bit off more than they can chew? The game had been out for seven years now, and in development for longer. It's no where near finished. It has 26 cars and a dozen or so maps, most of them small. The only gameplay is free roaming or the scenarios, basically mini-games. The most recent update only added water physics, and remastered what already existed. (The Roamer and Industrial map)

Whenever the game gets a new update, the BeamNG community go crazy for more features. Now they've added water physics people on the forums want snowrunner type mud physics. The community is awful, you critice the game and people act like you're a heretic. Mod makers are abused constantly, and the community praises every tiny update, and rave about Beam players are lucky that they get small updates twice a year.

In the past, Beam devs have said they want a story where you buy and fix up regular cars and use them in various challenges. How many years will that take? 10? 15?

I just use Beam to test my Automation cars now. Beam doesn't have enough content to be intresting, and the physics arn't good enough to make driving around fun. It's a shame, because when I was younger I bought into the hype of Beam having game changing physics and an amazing community-led design philosphy. In 2012, they posted a lot of the games cars on the forums and asked people to vote on what is added first, with the implication all would come soon. Eight years later, they've still not done with that list. (The Solidad Wendover is the last car)

I don't like to rant, but it's hard too see a game with so much potential go to waste like this.

Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown (2024)
There's been rumours of a new test drive game for a while now, glad to see they are true. Both Test Drive's where great, there's a reason why so many newer games copied elements from them. Hopefully, it's good, it's too hard to tell with a seconds-long teaser.

Mafia: Definitive Edition (2020)
According to the steam link above, you can just get the Mafia 1 remake on its own.

Mafia: Definitive Edition (2020)
I'm looking forward to this. I loved all three Mafia games and a total remake of the original Mafia is great news. I personally hope they keep the manual gearboxes with clutch from the original, but I doubt it. If we're really lucky we could have some new content for Mafia 2 and 3, but the graphics looked unchanged in the teaser.
Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse

Need for Speed: Heat (2019)
Same car from Burnout Paradise:

It even has the same plate.
Volkswagen Jetta

Need for Speed: Heat (2019)
Correct, it's this:
General Dynamics M1161 'Growler'

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint (2019)
Pretty clearly this:
Toyota RAV4

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege (2015)

Isn't it just this, but modified?
Jeep Renegade

Bolsomito (2018)
Jeep Renegade
Honda Accord

Earthfall (2018)
Lexus GS
Kia Venga

Earthfall (2018)
Isn't it more like a Hyundai IX20? The Casalini is a tiny city car and only two doors. The rear of this screams IX20 and the front isn't far off
Lexus LS 400

Insurgency: Sandstorm (2018)
Lexus LS 400
Bedford CF

Cities: Skylines (2015)
It's a Bedford CF
Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato

Grand Theft Auto V (2013)
Seeing it in full on here (as opposed to the the poor pictures on the in-game website) improves the look, and if it was one of only a few super/sports cars it would appear better in comparison. The seemingly endless supplies of expensive supercars seem only to exist to appeal to children who are more likely to buy shark cards, so it's possible that I see them as a metaphor for the slow decline in quality of GTA Online, although the recent cars in this pack and the previous are welcome additions, although the prices are still too high.
Tesla Model S

Grand Theft Auto V (2013)
I've been expecting a Tesla on GTA for a while and this really disappoints, it looks like an face-lifted Jackal. Why would an electric car have a grille??
Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato

Grand Theft Auto V (2013)
Is it me or is this car just really boring? GTA Online has so many supercars nowadays choosing between them is akin to choosing between a Camry Elantra.
CitroŽn 11 BL 'Traction'

Call of Duty: WWII (2017)
Citroen Traction Avant

Destiny 2 (2017)
When I saw this, I instantly thought it appeared like a modern day Renault 4. It isn't one, obviously, but its a pretty cool design.
Nissan 300ZX

Motocross Madness 2 (2000)
Clearly a Z31 300ZX
Ford V-8 De Luxe

Forza Horizon 3 (2016)
The one found in the barn did have the same colour scheme as the toy, although it didn't have the modifications.
Toyota LiteAce

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands (2017)
CammyAce, really? Come one, it's clearly CarryAce.
Lincoln Continental

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands (2017)
Actually, all the Global Motors cars have Decussine on the back, implying that Global Motors has had a name change. However, I will continue too refer to them as Global Motors, because Decussine is just a horrific, terrible, awful name for a car brand, or anything for that matter.
Dodge Ram

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands (2017)
I'm pretty sure Ubisoft wants to have all their games connected in some way, hence the same manufacturers. Also, the game doesn't actually give you the name of the cars and most people will never know what the manufacturer is.
Troller T4

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands (2017)
Available with a random assortment of bull bars, spot lights, spare tyres, running boards, roof configurations and other parts you'd expect on an off-road vehicle.
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