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Chevrolet Tahoe

Earn to Die 2 (2015)
Toyota Land Cruiser
Mercedes-Benz 190

Life Simulator Chapter -01- a new leaf (2016)
Toyota Corona

Battlefield: Hardline (2015)
Looks like a Toyota Corona, or an old Nissan like a Cedric
Alfa Romeo Giulia

The Operative: No One Lives Forever (2000)
Alfa Romeo Guilia
Chevrolet Captiva

Forza Horizon (2012)
Generic SUV, grille looks a bit like a Ssangyong
Acura TSX

Forza Horizon (2012)
Generic saloon car.

Front side, especially around the indicators, looks like a Honda Accord - known in the USA as an Acuri TSX

Rear looks like Volvo S60 rear lights.
Morris-Commercial J4

Wiz 'n' Liz (1993)
Morris J4 ice cream van?
Bedford CF

Paperboy: Wheels on Fire (2009)
Bedford CF?
Peugeot 305

Tajemnica Statuetki (1993)
I'd agree with Peugeot 305.

Doesn't quite have the proportions to be a 205.
Ford Sierra

Destruction Derby Raw (2000)
Where is the Sierra?

The Ford in the middle of the car sandwich looks more like a Mondeo
Busscar Urbanuss Pluss

Grand Theft Auto V (2013)
The windscreen / headlight layout looks very Volvo / Wright

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Ford Escort

Tour 91 (1991)
Looks like a 1990 mk5 Ford Escort estate.
Aston Martin DB7

Grand Theft Auto (1997)
But then DMA took some small liberty with the overall car, as it isn't an official Ford licence.

Best overhead diagram I could find is this -

Some differences, mainly the curved rear boot/trunk. However, the front headlights are similar, and the overall coupe shape.

Austin Allegro

Micro Machines (2002)
I would suggest that this is an

Austin Allegro.

For the following reasons:
- The indicators are on the bodywork, outside of the shrunken grille-headlight unit, as per the Allegro design (As can be seen on the pictures on )
- The yellow foglights are in the same position on late 70s Allegros.
- Codemasters are a UK based game company, as are the developers Infogrames UK (ex-Gremlin), where the Allegro is something of an infamous / cult car (on a par with the AMC Pacer)
- It can be seen clearly on the box art (,53474/)

Why it is not a Fiat 147:

- The headlight-grille and indicator assembly is all in one on the 1st facelift Fiat 147s, which look more Saab-like ( )
- The car is not well known in the UK, certainly less regarded than other Fiat models such as the 500/600 and 126.
- The yellow foglights on a 147 are somewhat more integrated ( ) than those on an Allegro ( )
Datsun 510 Wagon

World in Conflict (2007)
Peugeot 504 estate
Yugo 45

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition (2010)
Yugo 45
Toyota Crown

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition (2010)
Toyota Crown Royal
Mitsubishi Eclipse

Super Cars (1990)
More Celica than MR2
Cizeta-Moroder V16T

Super Cars (1990)
I see Alfa Romeo SZ
Dennis Trident Alexander ALX400

Blacktop Runner (2004)
The lights look very Wrightbus
Aston Martin DB7

Grand Theft Auto (1997)
I want to suggest that this is a Ford Puma.

The headlights especially match, the Puma had dark pointed lights (that actually used a darked part of the Fiesta-based wing in part!).
Rear passenger compartment tapers, and it has the rounded rear window.

Bulldog may have been an animal reference to 'Puma'.

As mentioned earlier, inexpensive Fiesta based, 1.4 and 1.7 litre so not too fast.

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