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UAZ 452 A

TRAIL OUT (2022)
452A with these windows. An early one from 1965-1979
RAF 2203 Latvija

TRAIL OUT (2022)
3311 is the flatbed truck with double cab (, the microbus is called RAF-2203 (

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YuMZ 6

SnowRunner (2020)
It's YuMZ (ЮМЗ, ю=yu), not UMZ

upd: Some different sources translate it as UMZ, but YuMZ is a more correct transliteration..

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ZAZ 968M Zaporozhets

RDS - The Official Drift Videogame (2019)
It's not a 966, it's a 968M.

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Ford Racing 3 (2004)
Honda Spacy/Elite maybe? (

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ZiS 150A

SnowRunner (2020)
now i think that it might not even be a ZiS, but rather an UralZiS-381: But i'm not sure, so let the mods decide

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PAZ 3203

Bus Simulator 3D 2016 (2016)
origin: Russia. These are from 2000s
PAZ 659

World of Tanks (2011)
First, GAZ itself never made these - it's GZA, PAZ or KAvZ. (

Second, it's not a bus but more like a mobile shop, therefore the correct model is PAZ-659 (

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Protivostoyanie: Aziya v ogne (2003)
ZiS-150 was 4x2, its 6x6 version was called ZiS-151.
GAZ 53

Contraband Police (2023)
"At the same time, the modernized GAZ-53-12 outwardly did not differ in any way from the GAZ-53A of the 1982 model. Only in 1984, the car received a new radiator grill - the third type. This was due to the prospect of using new lighting technology with larger front lights." (

1984+ GAZ 53-12

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Contraband Police (2023)
Are model years assigned randomly?

"In addition, at the end of the 70s (presumably in 1979), the UAZ-451 and UAZ-452 families received new lighting equipment that met the current UNECE rules - the front sidelights received an orange section, the rear lights FP-100 were replaced with original rectangular lights form FP-132, for which it was necessary to slightly change the stamps of the body panels at the rear of the buses and vans, and in addition, the buses and vans had side repeaters immediately behind the front doors." (

all UAZs are 1979+
ZiS 151

Contraband Police (2023)
it has double rear wheels, therefore it's a ZiS-151 (, not a ZiL-157 (

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GAZ M-20V Pobeda

Granny (2017)
1955+ M-20V with this grille.
UAZ 31514

SnowRunner (2020)
UAZ-31514, origin: Russia. The 3151 only had canvas top, not metal roof.
GAZ 2330 Tigr

Megapolis (2012)
GAZ Tigr:

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Yanjing YJ2080

Megapolis (2012)
Looks like a GAZ Tigr, imho
UAZ 469

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (2020)
only the front end somewhat resembles GAZ-69, the rest is 1980+ UAZ-469
GAZ Torpedo

#DRIVE (2019)
1951 GAZ Torpedo i think:

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Nissan Skyline

#DRIVE (2019)
Nissan Skyline [VC10] Van

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GAZ 51

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Predator (2010)
Alpen Gold wrote
GAZ 51 perhaps

Porsche 911

GT Racing Challenge (2015)
Porsche 911 [996]
Nissan Fairlady Z

Sleeping Dogs (2012)
the hell is a 'Nissan 240Z'?! There's either Nissan Fairlady Z or Datsun 240Z
CKD Tatra TB4D

Euro Truck Simulator 2 (2012)
Tatra something (Tatra T4 maybe?)
ZiL 130

Spintires (2014)
It's shorter than a normal ZiL-130 ( It's either a ZiL-130V1 (, semi-truck) or a ZiL-130D1 (, chassis for dump trucks)
MAZ 504

SnowRunner (2020)
This is not a MAZ-504. MAZ-504 was rear-wheel-drive and had shorter wheelbase:

This one is a MAZ-509, as it's 4x4 and has normal wheelbase:
Austin Mini

E-Type (1989)
Austin Mini [ADO20]
GAZ 24 Volga

Real Car Parking Sim 3D (2016)
It's not a 24-10, it's just a 24. 24-10 would have horizontal grille and эээ.."утопленные" (idk what's it in English) door handles
Made for Game Monster Truck

Crash Drive 3 (2021)
bensinly wrote
Lada Niva

Agree. Either a Ute for Canadian market or a VAZ-2328 prototype.
Mercedes-Benz G-Klasse

Beach Buggy Racing 2 (2018)
Mercedes-Benz G-Klasse [W463] with Jeep Wrangler [JK] taillights

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ZiS 150A

SnowRunner (2020)
In the game it is 4x4, such trucks were never serially produced but there was a 4x4 ZiS-150P prototype:

Shouldn't it be marked as a ZiS-150P instead of a ZiL-164 (which is RWD)?

UPD: I'm sorry for the mistake, the prototype was actually called ZiS-150A, not 150P:

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#DRIVE (2019)
the front and rear end are from 5-Series E34 i suppose?
GAZ 14 Chaika

#DRIVE (2019)
Polish Wheelman wrote
I'd say it's more so a GAZ-14 Chaika combined with obvious Volga cues and Moskvich 412-ish taillights

Yes! And the 'max coolness' version is a RAF-3920:

Touhou Fumo Racing (2022)
Это база.
VAZ 2121 Niva

Offroad Simulator Online (2018)

origin: USSR

and since the game is set in Russia, shouldn't it be called VAZ instead of Lada?

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Honda Dio

Ghostwire: Tokyo (2022)
Honda Dio maybe?
UAZ 452

#DRIVE (2019)
everything except lights and grille looks closer to 1956 UAZ 450B prototype:

Also if we assume that it's a 452:
1. rear lights are from the 1980 model
2. this is a bus, not a cargo van, so it's a 1980 UAZ 452V

p.s. or call it 'UAZ Made for Game'/'UAZ unknown' since it's a mix of two models

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War Thunder (2012)
it's not an MM, it's an AAA (3-axis version)
BMW R 75

Syberia: The World Before (2022)
stratumx wrote
I doubt, it's train of germans.

ah, ok then
ZiS 5

Hell Let Loose (2021)
ZiS 5

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BMW R 75

Syberia: The World Before (2022)
since it called Syberia, shouldn't it be an IMZ Ural?
UAZ Hunter

[PROJECT:OFFROAD][20] (2020)
It's not a 469. 469s didn't have hardtops, only softtops. According to bumpers, it's UAZ 315195 Hunter

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Toyota HiAce

SpotRacers (2018)
1977 Toyota HiAce [H20]

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Lada 2103

SpotRacers (2018)
stratumx wrote
Lada 1500 (2106) with Lada 1200 rear panel.

looks like a 2103 imho
Austin-Healey 3000

Off The Road (2018)
Silnev wrote

If that is the case why did you not label it as downloadable?

Because it isn't.
Maybe my english is bad, i just meaned that they added it in 2021 update, it wasn't in game from the start. It isn't dlc or something
Austin-Healey 3000

Off The Road (2018)
Silnev wrote

Small problem, that car you proposed debuted in 2021. 3 years after this game came out.

but they added this car to the game in 2021

World of Tanks (2011)
Rear end is PAZ 672:

front kinda reminds of ZiS 155 but idk

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Ford Model T

#DRIVE (2019)
Isn't the truck version called Model TT?
Austin-Healey 3000

Off The Road (2018)
Hurtan Grand Albaycin, orig: Spain
UAZ 3303

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Mobile (2017)
WarLord wrote

не думаю, что это Кубанец. У Кубанца три ряда окон, да и задняя часть тут больше на АС-01 похожа
UAZ 3303

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Mobile (2017)
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