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Redfall (2023)
I think at least ATVs were planned to be playable.

Only reason i played it was location/map(imo best part of the game) and i have Game Pass. With latest update technically it was okay. Gameplay was mediocre(functioning but not enjoyable or fun). Didnt find story interesting. Most missions were not interesting and lots of repetition(last few missions its got really boring and i just speedrun with easiest difficult and unlimited ammo).
Game had potential(during development stage, dont think they could have fixed core problems with patches).
Its sad Arkane Austin was closed, this game was flop but they could have make some good games in future.

If you want to try it i dont recommend to buy, if possible use Game Pass.

Redfall (2023)
Looks same model but with name.
"The Undine"


Redfall (2023)
Name is "Tempestas".
Morris Marina

South of the Circle (2020)
Looks like Morris
Morris 850

South of the Circle (2020)
Based real car
Lockheed Electra 10E

Tomb Raider (2013)
From Tombraider wiki: "The plane in the tomb strongly resembles Lockheed Electra 10E, an aircraft of the lost adventurer Amelia Earhart."
It looks similar and the name of the DLC might be a clue.

Tomb Raider (2013)
I added planes from DLCs.
GAZ_53 wrote
It is the same, except for the hood, which looks more modern, like post WW2. It is colored green, though it still has the Japanese flags. As far as I've found, the only place where the old design is still used is on Shipwreck Beach

Base Approach truck:

Russian Fishing 4 (2018)
Missing some vehicles(playable ATV and fishing boat, probably some background ones too).
Its good fishing game but unlocking new locations takes lots of grinding.

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Duke Nukem 3D (1996)
I added two vehicles from Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour(2016: PC, PS4, Xbox One, 2020 Nintendo Switch) as from DLC. Its updated Atomic Edition version plus new episode "Alien World Order". I hope its okay and 20th Anniversary dont need own page(all other vehicles are same as listed here).

The Walking Dead: The Final Season (2018)
Looks like VAZ/Lada 2101(no ventilation hole in C pillar, so its not 2106 or any other model) but as i understand game takes place in USA(is there any explanation in game why there may be USSR cars)? Also there ZIL so it may be VAZ :think:
Could be also Fiat 124 but it wasnt sold in USA(sedan not Spyder) as far i know.

Who Shot Johnny Rock? (1991)
Game was developed by American Laser Games(In 2000 development and publishing rights were purchased by Digital Leisure) and released:
1991 Arcade and DOS
1994 Mega CD and 3DO
1995 CD-i(this is "Others")
2001 Interactive DVD game and was advertised as playable with PS2 or Xbox with DVD kit(but it just interactive DVD not PS2/Xbox game)
2003 Windows

Pictures from 2003 Windows version(FMV quality is same as DOS version...) but as far i know all versions are very similar.

Who Shot Johnny Rock? (1991)
Didnt have certain car in mind. I think we should choose which one is most interesting and/or identifiable.

Donkey (1981)
Donkey(DONKEY.BAS) game was included in early versions of IBM PC DOS. The game was written by Bill Gates and Neil Konzen.
Its not first PC game but first IBM PC game.
Audi unknown

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2007)
A4 Typ 8D?
Austin Mini

Zombie Shooter 2 (2009)
You cant drive(control vehicle direction/speed) but can shoot turret, AI is driving.
True, in some way you can play with vehicle and categories are playable not drivable so im not sure. Personally i think its unplayable.

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Alpha Protocol (2010)
Chrysler 300 C

Contagion (2014)
US model was just 300?
Sikorsky CH-53 Sea Stallion

Rise of the Tomb Raider (2015)
To identify better.
Sorry, i keep that in mind in future.
bb-Mercedes CW311

Gotham City Impostors (2012)
Spy Hunter arcade game
Ford Transit

WRC Powerslide (2013)
Looks like Ford Transit mk6 but make can be motorhome builder.

Tomb Raider (2013)
GAZ_53 wrote
There is a truck in the 'Base Approach' part of the map that is not listed here. I tried listing it but I couldn't. If someone else can please do so

It appears to be the same truck as already added.

I dont have DLCs so there may be more vehicles.

Paradise Lost (2021)
Comfortably Numb wrote
Does Paradise Lost OST have Paradise Lost the band?

Unfortunately not.
William Cramp & Sons Kroonland

Tropico 4 (2011)
This picture was about Panama canal so i think its SS Kroonland,_1915.jpg

Tropico 4 (2011)
Maybe it helps identify exact model:

The X-Files: Deep State (2018)
Unfortunately couldnt add all vehicles. Game was removed 2019 and some content was downloadable(not working anymore). I added vehicles from Prologue and Chapter 1. If you have/find working version with all content please add missing cars :)
Volkswagen Golf

Nitro Nation: World Tour (2023)
Year looks wrong.

Driving Speed 2 (2008)
Victor_2003 wrote
How this game came out 2 years before the first game?

Driving Speed Pro(2010) isnt first game, its next game.
With fast search i didnt found Driving Speed(1). Wayback Machine shows WheelSpin Studios webpage since 2008 with only game Driving Speed 2.
Made for Game Truck

Desolate (2019)
Ok, will do in future :)

The Long Drive (2019)
Chrysler Sebring?

Heat The Road (2013)
mamee_irwan wrote
hi,do want you find the game???

It was South Korean online racing game. Looks like it was shut down end of 2014?

Looks like contributor is still active :) im sure he knows more.

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Zombie Driver (2009)
Missing playable(during missions) bulldozer and fire truck from HD version and some cars from Ultimate Edition.

This game have many versions:
Zombie Driver (2009 PC)
Zombie Driver HD (2012 PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Ouya :P) updated version with more content(better graphics/effects, more missions and new DLCs), some vehicles are from this version added here as from DLC, i think its fine.
Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition (2014 Xbox ONE)- same as HD version but some exclusive vehicles(should be added as DLC cars?).
Zombie Driver: Immortal Edition (2019 Switch, 2020 PS4)- same as HD version, not sure do it have exclusive vehicles

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PC Rally (1995)
BMW 3series E36, maybe M3?

PC Rally (1995)
Ford RS200?
Ford Mainline

Deceive Inc. (2023)
This game have 2 more cars like this(different color scheme and badges), didn't add because look very similar.

Audi A6 Avant

Talos Principle 2 (2023)
Audi A6 Avant C5?

Grand Theft Auto III (2001)
I'd say it is E34 not E39. Tail lights are clearly from e34.
Ferrari 348 TB

Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis (2009)

AM General HMMWV

Far Cry (2004)
Yes its interesting. In manual its called Humvee, but in game its just a 4WD vehicle.
Opel Vivaro

Mirror's Edge (2008)

Renault Trafic?
Ural 4320

GT-R 400 (2004)
Ural 375?
Audi A8

Hitman: Contracts (2004)
Dodge Challenger

Hitman: Contracts (2004)
TAM 110 T

Project Torque (2008)
I think its GAZ 66, because its from Russian map.
Renault 21

Lost: Via Domus (2008)
Volkswagen Station Wagon

Lost: Via Domus (2008)
austinallegro wrote
Do you think there will be a chance that this is playable?

Unfortunately not.
Pontiac LeMans Safari Wagon

City Life Edition 2008 (2008)
Ford Courier

City Life Edition 2008 (2008)

2Fast4You: Das Superheiße Bi-Fi Race (1995)
Vw Beetle?
Audi Coupé

Project Torque (2008)
I still think its Audi Coupe.
Audi Coupé

Project Torque (2008)
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