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Toyota Hilux

Forza Horizon 3 (2016)
enzo96 wrote
I think newer one, precisely this one model here looks fine, but those big ugly wheels is what ruin it for me, maybe i'm just not into that for this car, but a normal one would've made more sense tbh

If you want to cross the north pole, you can`t just put on any old wheels...
Volvo N10

Dalnoboischiki (1998)
N10 or N12
Mitsubishi Space Star R5

DiRT 4 (2017)
And i thought Space Star was the name of a van from Mitsubishi.

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2017-04-08 11:09:54
Subaru Impreza 555 Group A

DiRT 4 (2017)
Awesome, hope it will sound as good as the real thing as well, and have the gear whine inside as well, since they left that out in Dirt rally, which was kind of sad, and not very realistic.
Inside :
Outside :

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2017-04-23 10:22:01
Peugeot 306 Maxi

DiRT 4 (2017)
Sweet, the screaming naturally aspirated F2 beast is in, this thing revved to 10 000 rpm, and sounded amazing in real life :)
It has a 2 litre n/a engine, with around 280+ hp, and it`s only front wheel drive, but it could still outperform the 4wd turbo Wrc cars on tarmac rallys, mostly thanks to it`s low weight, since it was only fwd.

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2017-04-11 09:45:52
Ford Focus RS RX

DiRT 4 (2017)
Speedevil wrote
That's a Focus? I didn't know it had a RX version, I thought it was a Fiesta. Doesn't help that it showed up when I searched Fiesta RX on Google...

Here you go, since you missed last years FIA World Rallycross Championship... :

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2017-04-13 15:49:12
Honda NSX

Burnout 3: Takedown (2004)
ArigatoDomo312 wrote
Honda NSX JGTC??

No it does not feature the widebody kit, that the JGTC / Super GT Nsx had :)
Peterbilt 377

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Melee (2005)
If so, it`s most likely a 377
Toyota Crown

Ryū ga Gotoku Zero: Chikai No Basho (2015)
Toyota Chaser ? :)
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI

DiRT 4 (2017)
Everyone who have doubts about this being an Evo, has obviously never watched WRC...
Ford Transit

Polizei (2011)
Facelfted Ford Mondeos from 1997-2000 are called MK 2s, despite being almost the same car as the Mk 1 Mondeos from 1993-1996
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