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Audi R18

SpotRacers (2018)
Daboi492 wrote

Worse still, they can only ban 2 classes at a time meaning Muscle, Super or Track cars are always available. I think they should allow Muscle while banning Super and Track cars in the lower leagues
Yes, I agree.
Audi R18

SpotRacers (2018)
As if we needed any more supercars to compete with, now we heve to race hypercars
Made for Game Sedan

Valorant (2020)
front looks like a MK3 Supra
Toyota Supra

MadOut: Ice Storm (2015)
Mk4 looks weird with pop-up headlights
Dodge Model DU

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)
1935 Dodge Model DU Sedan
Honda Civic

Subway Surfers (2012)
looks a lot like a 1989 Honda Civic hatchback
Ford Econoline

Off The Road (2018)
Default bumper is called Ford bumper because it looks exactly like a E350
Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6x6

Off The Road (2018)
Looks more like a Rezvani Hercules
Ford F-150

Hot Wheels Unleashed (2021)
That's a Silverado
Made for Game Tractor

Hill Climb Racing 2 (2017)
1954 Oliver 88?