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Lexus LC 500

Driving Zone: Japan (2016)
Whoops, I added the wrong image :P, sorry!

Driving Zone: Japan (2016)
Randomboi here, there are 2 new vehicles since I installed the game. I will add them.
Eunos Roadster

#DRIVE (2019)
This was supposed to be a 1989 Mazda Miata MX-5.

FR Legends (2018)
New vehicle added: 1989 Mazda MX-5 Miata.
Ferrari SF90 Stradale (2013)
I could think this as the LaFerrari of BeamNG. But according to LRF Modding's comment, it's probably a 918 Spyder. Could be a mix of both.

Used Car Tycoon Game (2021)
SatoFJWRA wrote
Never seen naming this lazy before

What an "original" fictional car name if I've ever seen.
*originality have left the chat*

Used Car Tycoon Game (2021)
Re: Tuppence870
(IDK how should i use reply in IGCD, I'm new)
Yes, it is! but with a closed cockpit instead of a halo.
Suzuki Spacia Gear

Ghostwire: Tokyo (2022)
I guess its a 2021 Honda N-Box.

#DRIVE (2019)
It's probably a Zastava Yugo.