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Peugeot 306

The Getaway (2002)
Auto-Friki wrote
What are those things on the rear wheels? Plates for the rear fenders?

Theses are mudflaps.
Renault 18

#DRIVE (2019)
Cloudstinger wrote
Umm.. I think this is supposed to be more of a Peugeot 305 rather than a Renault 18.

The front is def. from a 305 but the back is from a 18.

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Renault 18

#DRIVE (2019)
The front is from a Peugeot 305, the rest is indeed form a Renault 18
CitroŽn DS

Choro Q Wonderful! (1999)
Ryan2t4 wrote
this livery based on old Norwegian police cars. But, there's no politis based on DS.

Old french police car also had these livery back in the days