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The Henry Stickmin Collection (2020)
I guess if Henry Stickmin series gets a spin-off, it might be likely an open-world game or other characters' stories.
Made for Game

Retro City Rampage (2012)
I think the shoe reminds me of Super Mario Bros 3., though the name sounds german and if I wanted to say it accurately then it's "der Schuch".
AMC Gremlin

The Simpsons: Hit & Run (2003)
I managed to complete missions using it after doing the bonus mission, though its performance in further levels is insufficient to complete them.

#Drive (2019)
Durtvan wrote
any obscure cars you'd like to see in this game?

I think AMC Gremlin, but gremlin is a bit popular, or maybe Peel Trident.

Cars: Radiator Springs Racing
Even though a few characters are selectable, Only Lightining's model will be displayed.
Dodge Challenger

Grand Theft Auto V (2013)
The weird thing that Dodge Challenger Daytona never existed.
Mazda MX-5

Demolition Derby 3 (2018)
The first car to have a 6-speed transmission.
Dodge Charger

The Fast & The Furious (2006)
Who got this car and how, I mean what I have to do to have it purchasable?
Toyota Corolla Levin

The Fast & The Furious (2006)
The car has 6-speed transmission surprisingly making it one of the best cars to buy at start after fully upgrading it.
Chevrolet Chevelle

The Fast & The Furious (2006)
The Chevelle's slow speed doesn't suit destination races or top speed ones, to make this car faster, don't fully upgrade the gearbox, 3rd level increases top speed.
Volkswagen Golf

Car Mechanic (2019)
The Golf II was produced from 1983 to 1992

Demolition Derby 3 (2018)
super01 wrote


When I play this track, the layout of it is invisible.

Demolition Derby 3 (2018)
The track in the latest update "Petrolcrawl" is currently broken.

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2020-07-16 20:54:05
Jeep Wagoneer

Demolition Derby 3 (2018)
AHotWheelsCollector wrote

I smell a #DRIVE player...

Also why is this "CARPARTS" logo on every car in these crappy mobile games?

I don't know about it being a default sponsor for a generic, then I don't think Demolition Derby 3 is that bad game.
äkoda 136 Rapid

Czech Racer (2005)
The stats of the car is misleading as it is way slower than shark, but faster than the 105.
Ford Escort

Forza Horizon 4 (2018)
The differences between I can tell between a racing and regular one are:
- no side mirrors
- left-hand drive
- pre-installed fog lights (if it's even possible to remove them)
- 5-speed transmission

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2020-06-29 23:26:13
AMC Javelin

Grand Theft Auto IV (2008)
I guess the car foreshadowed Deviant for GTA Online.
Plymouth Barracuda

Demolition Derby 3 (2018)
Chico lego wrote

But the Demolition derby 2's car it's a Dodge Daytona NASCAR,this is a Plymouth Barracuda,guy

I was talking about a car model itself and its appearances.

#Drive (2019)
One of the rarest car in the video game series along with reality. It was in Devrim Racing, but the games doesn't really qualify for a separate article in this website.
Fiat 500

Demolition Derby 3 (2018)
The double vertical headlights remind me of Runabout's renditions of Fiat 500.
Honda RA300

Forza Motorsport 7 (2017)
I guess "B Dasher" might return in Forza Motorsport 8.
SAAB 900

Demolition Derby 3 (2018)
The name of the car makes a reference to a band "78 Saab".

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2020-06-05 09:52:42
Uralvagonzavod T-90

SlipStream (2014)
Ironically this vehicle competes with performance vehicles instead of street riders.
FSO Polonez

Electro Ride: The Neon Racing (2020)
Another game that gave attention to polish cars.
Chevrolet Caprice

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (2005)
This car requires 100 fares to be completed, but the difficulty comes from being done in a row, so you must make sure you won't flip over your taxi cab and have enough time to get into Pay'n Spray.

To clarify: there is now way to tell how many fares you did after finishing the course, then if you reach 100th fare in total, "Mission Passed" and message will appear on screen.

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2020-05-26 17:52:15

Redline Rumble II: Detonator (2004)
Only one Episode was ever released, because full version never made to the existence.
Harley-Davidson FXST Softail

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (2005)
Probably the rarest vehicle in LCS.
Made for Game

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (2006)
Obtained through a cheat or accessed with "Army Fatigues".
CitroŽn Ami 6

#Drive (2019)
First playable Ami on the site, along with Ami 8 in the same game.
LeTourneau-Westinghouse LARC-V

Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice (2007)
Kinda sucks players can't drive this vehicle.
Ferrari 288 GTO

Gangs of London (2006)
Now Imagine driving a Mid-engined car with 4 doors.

Mafia: Definitive Edition (2020)
Speaking of Mafia Trilogy: It may focus on events from earlier games. By new stuff, I may speculate early 70s as a post-story era.
CitroŽn GS

#Drive (2019)
CX's predessor, first playable.

Crimelife 3 (2009)
Gunshot City is out, but page for it is impossible, because it uses asset flipping to be built.
AMC Marlin

FlatOut 3: Chaos & Destruction (2011)
So Marlin is now shovelware exlusive as its FO:UC counterpart is now classified as Chevelle.
Made for Game Kart

Mario Kart Tour (2019)
As it's Monty Mole's spotlight vehicle, it probably became for everyone for the Flower Tour.

DiRT 5 (2020)
Franchise milking, I have hopes that they won't rush the game.

Maluch Racer 2 (2005)
The core of 2nd gen PLay's games racing shovelware.
FSO 1100 Coupť

Observer (2017)
Unfortunately this car in real life was destroyed, so modelling it and gaining license would be Difficulty spike.
Vauxhall Monaro

TOCA Race Driver 3 Challenge (2007)
Other challenges unlocked through completing Master one are Steering Control and No damage, but cars for these challenges are already unlocked before.
Mitsubishi Starion

Forza Horizon 4 (2018)
Starion coming to Horizon 4.
Global GT1

Race Driver 2006 (2006)
The Career Championship with it bugwalls the rest of the Career mode.
CitroŽn 2CV

N.I.C.E. 2 (1998)
Ente means "Duck" in German.
Aston Martin DB5

Race Driver 2006 (2006)
Speedevil wrote
Was this ever in another ToCa?

Aside of ToCa Race Driver 2, I don't think so.

Race Driver 2006 (2006)
Auto-Friki wrote

In other words, the emulator is bugged in your case, isn't it?

It kind of does, I use PPSSPP version 1.9.3, US version of the ROM, I reported the case when I wanted to do a Free Race in Brands Hatch in Vintage Classics division. Then you can't pass beyound Global GT in Career mode.

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2020-05-03 12:59:27

Mario Kart Tour (2019)
My category labeling stars
Red star - The first kart, which is always Pipe Frame
Red and yellow stars - Kart obtained by Pipes or from Daily Selects
Red and blue stars - Kart only gotten by purchasing a special offer
Red, yellow and blue stars - Kart unlocked by collecting a Tour Gift while having a Gold Pass.

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2020-04-30 11:53:58
Chevrolet Corvette

TOCA Race Driver 3 (2006)
C2 was produced in 1963-1967
Aston Martin DB5

Race Driver 2006 (2006)
I needed to complete a Duel event in Trans World Cup to get this car to drive, because in Vintage Classics championship, races with opponents are really broken in Free Race as the game crashes when I choose that setup.

Race Driver 2006 (2006)
The game has many cars, mostly returning from TOCA Race Driver 2 and 3.
I use the emulator, so it's impossible for me to get certain cars, because it's notorious for crashing the emulator, especially If I want to do a quick race.

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2020-04-26 20:24:29
McLaren F1

London Racer (2000)
Ironically this car was featured in the trailer, which is kind of false advertising when it comes to PSX.
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