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2002 Pontiac Grand Prix
NASCAR Racing 2003 Season (2003)
2002 because of the pre-facelift headlights. 2014-03-15 15:44
Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5 (2014)The logo for this game looks suspiciously like MC3 Remix's:
2014-03-15 12:40
2013 RUF Rt-35 [991]
Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5 (2014)
RUF is German, not Japanese. 2014-03-12 20:08
NASCAR Racing 2003 Season (2003)Also, who the hell rated this, one of the best racing simulators of all time so low? 2014-03-12 16:52
2002 Dodge Viper GTS
Gran Turismo 6 (2013)
*sigh* Do we really care about the colours that a car is screenshotted in? Look at half the cars in the game Juiced, such as this Skyline:
I highly doubt the Skyline came standard in Peach-Raspberry-Pearlescent-Vomit.
2014-03-12 16:38
2003 Volkswagen Lupo Cup GTI [Typ 3L]
Gran Turismo 6 (2013)
Yeah, this one needs to be redone. 2014-03-12 16:29
Nissan Silvia MkVI [S14]
Sunset Racer 2 (2009)
Definitely an S14. The rear end seems to be from the pre-facelift model though:
2014-03-09 20:19
Lamborghini Countach
European Racers (1993)
*bump* It even seems to be the same drawing. 2014-03-08 19:34
Grand Theft Auto V (2013)Which sites? If it were to come out on the 12th, they would have released a statement, put up some cover art well in advance and at the very least made a gameplay video or trailer. Rockstar is not known for subtlety. 2014-03-08 16:22
Grand Theft Auto V (2013)
Andra wrote 4 days left until the pc port is released. Do you think Rockstar learned out of it's mistakes, or will it be another poorly optimized disaster, like GTA IV's port?

I think you're mistaken. R* have said nothing about a PC port yet.
2014-03-08 12:45
2013 Ferrari LaFerrari
Grand Theft Auto V (2013)
Yes, this is a LaFerrari, meaning the Cheetah can't be one. 2014-03-05 10:07
Lamborghini Countach
European Racers (1993)
Clearly Countach.
2014-03-04 21:05
Red Cross Rush (2009)I actually forgot I posted that. 2014-03-02 21:55
Tourist Trophy: The Real Riding Simulator (2006)
CTR19 wrote :king:

¿Se puede detener por favor?
2014-03-01 20:38
RS II: Riding Spirits II (2004)No, the game can't load period. I know it's a problem with my PS2 as the games load first try on my sister's system. There's the slow PS2 intro, and then it goes into this screen with the ominous music:
2014-03-01 19:20
Vette! (1989)Also, I saw a London Bus in one of Vette's screenshots. Could have been a bonus city. 2014-03-01 17:09
RS II: Riding Spirits II (2004)I know on my PS2 it's a bitch to play GT4. I've ended up using a rental disc. 5+ discs and they work FINE on other PS2's except for mine. 2014-03-01 17:08
Vette! (1989)Looks like it may have been used for Midtown Madness. The interior style is almost identical and they wouldn't throw away such a detailed model like that. That probably explains why MM2 may have come out in 2000 but had 5 year old graphics. 2014-02-28 19:33
Audi 5000 C3 [Typ 44]
European Racers (1993)
Edit button? 2014-02-27 17:59
1989 Nissan 300ZX MkII [Z32]
The Ultimate Ride (1990)
BadHairDay wrote all games were obsessed with this car back in the 90s

Well, it was pretty much the 90s equivalent to today's 350Z/370Z.
2014-02-26 22:24
NASCAR '14 (2014)
ItsaUserName wrote All cars need to be corrected to 2014.

-- Last edit: 2014-03-04 21:08:20
2014-02-26 00:21
Chevrolet Step Van
Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)
Same one the helicopter crashed into the back of? 2014-02-26 00:20
Renault Alpine V6 GTA Turbo [502A]
Europe Racer (2001)
Europe Racing
Why is a door missing? 2014-02-23 19:27
1981 Dodge Diplomat
Stuntman (2002)
Zartex? 2014-02-23 14:48
NASCAR '14 (2014)All cars need to be corrected to 2014. 2014-02-20 12:01
Made for Game
Polniy Privod 2: Sibirskiy priziv (2008)
Full Drive 2: Siberian Call
sajmon14 wrote

He's quite clearly Cortina, best to ignore him.
2014-02-20 11:56
Shutokou Battle 2 (2000)
Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2/Tokyo Highway Challenge 2
GroupB wrote There's more--I have the Japanese strategy guide, and apparently the traffic cars are playable. Unfortunately, it seems that they only work online through the Japanese servers, and that setup is long gone.

NKR58E/S/R is an Isuzu Elf
FV is a Mitsubishi Fuso Super Great
EE98VS is a Toyota Corolla E90

Pretty damn good identifying there.
2014-02-20 00:41
NASCAR '14 (2014)So are they going to release alternate schemes later on in the year as a DLC? It's the first time since NR2003 that a NASCAR game was released at the beginning of a season. 2014-02-19 17:20
1987 Ferrari F40
Need for Speed: Rivals (2013)
IronHawk-711 wrote
What you mean?

Did you change your name? You have 31 contributor points, but I don't seem to remember you.
2014-02-19 15:09
1987 Ferrari F40
Need for Speed: Rivals (2013)
IronHawk-711 wrote Well, now I'm calm :)

Who are you?
2014-02-19 00:27
2015 Ford Mustang GT MkVI
Need for Speed: Rivals (2013)
BadHairDay wrote I agree but if you think about it the 90s mustangs didn't look that mustang-ish either (and idk about you but I LOVED those)

Every Mustang produced between 1979 and 2004 shared the same chassis, which means the crappy Ghia is related to the awesome SVT Cobra R.
2014-02-17 18:05
2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 LM Race Car C6
Gran Turismo 6 (2013)
This should have C6 in the name. 2014-02-17 17:22
1998 Ford Mustang MkIV
007 Racing (2000)
Sneak peak at the Die Another Day Jaguar? 2014-02-17 09:56
European Racers (1993)Also, the police roadblocks are bullshit. You can't drive into them or you'll crash, you can't go around them otherwise you'll land in the water and crash again, and you can't turn around because the steering in this game is way too slow. 2014-02-15 18:21
1986 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z Mk.III
Grand Theft Auto V (2013)
Little Japanese influence. But it's clearly a Camaro/Firebird. 2014-02-14 22:31
European Racers (1993)bump? 2014-02-14 19:20
Shutokou Battle 2 (2000)
Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2/Tokyo Highway Challenge 2
My interest is piqued. I'd like to see an image of this floating GTO. 2014-02-13 19:35
European Racers (1993)So I played this game. What are you meant to do? I've been driving almost every road and I assume you're supposed to go to the large building on the map. But I keep going in circles and running out of the time. 2014-02-12 20:32
1993 Chevrolet Lumina NASCAR #3 Dale Earnhardt
European Racers (1993)
Yeah, I can tell. The #3 car rarely did anything significant, and it can be difficult to find any merchandise with this number on it. 2014-02-12 12:45
2001 Mazda RX-8 Concept
Project Gotham Racing (2001)
Yes, it's a concept alright. 2014-02-12 11:16
Forza Motorsport (2005)Oh man, there is a whole host of games for you to completely renovate, GroupB. Being as you have also done PGR2 and PGR3, why not Gran Turismo 3 next? The images for that game are really blurry and hard to make out. 2014-02-12 11:15
Leather Goddesses of Phobos! 2: Gas Pump Girls Meet the Pulsating Inconveni (1992)There's a lot more cars than just one:
2014-02-11 20:20
Grand Prix 500ccm (1998)
Extreme 500
Also, the Indonesian track appears to be Jacarepagua in Brazil and Italy seems to be Catalunya, among others. 2014-02-09 14:57
1997 Ford Thunderbird NASCAR Bill Elliott #94
NASCAR 98 (1997)
For the last time, this is a 1997 Ford Thunderbird.
2014-02-05 17:45
Grand Theft Auto V (2013)
Gamer wrote Does anyone know how to unlock Trevor? :(

Keep playing as the other two until you finish the heist.
2014-02-05 17:43
NASCAR 98 (1997)Can the cars be corrected to 1997 already? 2014-02-03 22:12
Forza Motorsport 5 (2013)
J-2 wrote It's obvious they are meant to be playable in the future. This was already explained in the past.

The problem is they shouldn't be in the game in the first place until they have been made playable. There's absolutely no point in doing what is currently happening right now, especially when there are already hundreds of cars to race against.
2014-02-02 19:56
Exterminator (1989)February 1989. 2014-02-01 21:11
Made for Game
Exterminator (1989)
Looks like a Ford Transit to me. 2014-02-01 21:11
2007 Honda Civic Type-R Series VIII [FK]
Grand Theft Auto V (2013)
Also, the predecessor was based on a Honda Civic CRX. 2014-02-01 13:55

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