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International Harvester Scout

SnowRunner (2020)
Sorry MarkO. I didn't know at the time this game was reserved. It would be nice if the link for the list with reserved titles was in the FAQ.

Also thanks to Silnev for the feedback. I consider it for future uploads.
Lancia Beta Coupé

Maneater (2020)
Datsun 510?

SnowRunner (2020)
Desscythe17 wrote

Game is reserved by Mark0, as you can see over here:

This link can be found over here:

Thank you very much. This is actually essential information. I'm quite new for the uploading part. I was searching for guidelines in the Help/FAQ section or some kind of open topic forums. That links should definitely be in it.

SnowRunner (2020)
About that. All of my comments with front side photos from Saturday have been deleted but the main pics for vehicles remain unchanged. Was it something wrong with them?

Also what's up with unplayable vehicles? Should we add them or not?

SnowRunner (2020)
Finished playable and released cars/trucks.

Caterpillar 770G is not yet available. It is said that it will come in Phase 2 DLC. Currently there's Phase 1 on test server.

I don't have preorder Navistar so if someone got it please feel free to add/replace pics.

For some reason background cars added by TheGreaser have been deleted. Not sure what's with it but I found also VAZ 2107:

TREKOL 39294

SnowRunner (2020)
ukcarnut wrote
Avtoros Shaman 6x6?

Driver position is not central but I would also say this is more Shaman than TREKOL.
Lada Niva

SnowRunner (2020)
Unless bought by player it is only found in Taymyr, Russia. That said shouldn't it be VAZ 2121? I'm not the russian cars expert so can someone confirm it?
International Harvester Transtar CO-4070 A

SnowRunner (2020)
Kind of an underdog in game. Typical highway truck, but as I love it looks I used it widely in Alaska in areas with a little more tarmac than usual. It handled it well.
Nissan 350Z Roadster

Terminator 3: The Redemption (2004)
Unlike 350Z it has the upper grille so I would guess Infiniti G35 Coupe.

SnowRunner (2020)
Just unlocked the last car in game so I can make proper set of pictures for every vehicle.

As is almost every car already has its own page I can upload only rear side and inside view. What's the current procedure to get the main image replaced?