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Ford Racing: Off Road (2008)
Speedevil wrote

The game was a Ford advert, there's no point in having older vehicles in it.

The entire franchise was a Ford advert, however there was no problem including older vehicles in it in FR2 and FR3.

Plus, they were also planning to add RS200, which was made in 1984-1985.
Tofas Kartal

Pusu: Uyanış (2004)
That's the weridest Kartal I've ever seen
Lexus LS 400

City Racing (2008)
Maximunpowa wrote
I think its a first gen lexus ls400, but not really, i personally think its hideous.

More like a 1993 Toyota Aristo with Mercedes-Benz W116 headlights.
Made for Game Coupe

City Racing (2008)
That is a Corvette C5.
Ford Thunderbird

City Racing (2008)
This can be a 1959 Plymouth easily.