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Lamborghini unknown

Grand Theft Auto VI (2025)
Ferrari Testarossa

Grand Theft Auto VI (2025)
I think that's the Grotti logo from SA
Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu

Grand Theft Auto VI (2025)
Declasse Tulip
Ferrari California

Grand Theft Auto VI (2025)
Grotti Carbonizarre

Grand Theft Auto VI (2025)
The vehicles are still generic debadges like in GTAO

The Incredibles (2004)
This page needs a hero
Dodge Challenger Concept

Need for Speed: ProStreet (2007)
Cuda grill?
Pontiac Firebird

Cities: Skylines II (2023)
Looks like a weird blend of a C3 and a Trans Am
Ford Mustang

Glimmerati (2005)
F355 with Mustang front?
Porsche 911

Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse (2012)
There is actually a fixed version of this vehicle seen in early trailers, back when this game was called "Road to Death".
Made for Game Coupe

P-Walker's Simulation (2017)
Made for Game Truck

Turbo League (2016)
They turned Master Chief into a car
Made for Game Coupe

Turbo League (2016)
Reminds me of a car that was planned to be used in the cancelled Split Shift Racing.
Made for Game Coupe

Call of Duty: Black Ops III (2015)
Probably this
Made for Game Coupe

BetaRunner (2015)
Generic stock Unity Skycar

Dead to Rights II (2005)
Dodge Neon?

Warface (2012)
For a second I thought the cover said something else

Dirt Track Racing Australia (2000)
Sadly no bootleg Ford Falcons

TORCS (2001)
Car of Tomorrow in 2001?
Dodge Dart

The Simpsons Game (2007)
That overhang, though
Chevrolet Impala

The Simpsons Game (2007)
There's also a 3D model of this car used in the unused 3D FMW cutscenes
Ford Crown Victoria

Red Seeds Profile (2010)
Is that Bryan Lee O'Malley's artstyle?
Cadillac Escalade

The Simpsons Game (2007)
There's also a regular beige version of this model.
Chevrolet Chevelle

The Simpsons Game (2007)
Look at the cityslicker pulling up in his fancy german car
Chevrolet Impala

Prototype (2009)
Found the origin
Honda CR-V

Prototype (2009)
I found the origin of the stock image they used
Plymouth Custom

Ridge Racer: Unbounded (2012)
Based off a 1940s-1950s mercury according to the vehicle artist that made the Road Wolf

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Datsun 100A

Automation - The Car Company Tycoon Game (2015)
Antti-san wrote
Datsun 100A?


Highway Getaway: Police Chase (2017)
Ridge Racer 7 cover art?
Dodge Viper

Max Payne 3 (2012)
Top Gear OverDrive cover art lol
Lamborghini Countach

Scarface: The World Is Yours (2006)
fancy purple
Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

Asphalt 3: Street Rules 3D (2006)
that driver model tho
De Tomaso Pantera

Automation - The Car Company Tycoon Game (2015)
Killercar34 wrote
Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Burnout Paradise (2008)
Looks a bit more like a 1976 Buick Century to me
Alvis Vickers Challenger 2

Prototype (2009)
Original image they used. Apparently, it was mistakenly labeled as a FV432 by the image uploader.
GKN Sankey FV 432

Prototype (2009)
Used in a Web of Intrigue cutscene
I found the source that Radical used for the image aswell
Ford Torino

Burnout Dominator (2007)
73 Gran Torino?
Porsche 944 Turbo

Fast & Furious Spy Racers: Rise of SH1FT3R (2021)
A70 Supra?
Nissan Skyline Coupé

Miami Vice: The Game (2006)
either that or a Honda Del Sol
Ford Mustang

Miami Vice: The Game (2006)
Nissan 350Z rear
Nissan Skyline Coupé

Miami Vice: The Game (2006)
I honestly think more of a Supra
Chevrolet Corvette

Prototype (2009)
Pretty sure this is taken from Gran Turismo PSP's cover art
Ferrari F430

Gangstar: Miami Vindication (Java) (2010)
LOL at the name

Need for Speed: Nitro (2009)
Apparently, according to early UI mockups, it looks like Mini was planned to be in the game before being cut.

マギアレコード 魔法&# (2017)
being meguka is suffering

Calvin Tucker's Redneck: Farm Animal Racing Tournament (2010)
From the same creators of FlatOut 3
Custom Made Lada Raven

Saints Row (2022)
Look how they massacred my boy
Factory Five GTM

萌えろダウンヒルナ (2006)
Burnout Revenge cover art lmao
Chevrolet Camaro SS

Wreckreation (2023)
Same stock model
Ford Shelby GT500

Wreckreation (2023)
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