1985 Lamborghini Countach

Surname: Infernus

Class: Coupé

Origin: IT Italy

Playable vehicle



Contributor: G-MANN


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US generalrusty78

2020-08-07 05:30
Here's the beta model i.imgur.com/l6QRagb.jpg

US generalrusty78

2020-04-22 16:03
Extremely expensive. How can we expense one of these? Only those idiots in undercover get to drive these.

DE Mieguy

2012-04-08 09:35
i hope i will some day find this famous statement on gta wikia where someone said "they said on IGCD... so it is a ...."

if i find it, you will stop copying the text from gta wiki, please!?
IN Lionspeed

2011-12-27 09:30
ominusdude,I don't understand why you are just copy+pasting everything from Wikipedia on here.
PT Ford78

2010-09-11 22:33
I dunno wat you are talking about

FR takumi

2010-04-03 18:52
Il me tue lui
PT Ford78

2010-04-03 16:55
Vector M12

2006-10-21 00:59
This car is Lance Vance's (voiced by Philip Michael Thomas who played Rico Tubbs in the Miami Vice TV series), which appears in some missions featuring him and can be found parked outside the Vercetti Mansion (after it has been taken over from Ricardo Diaz). The Infernus also appears as a regular traffic car which comes in other colours except white.

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2019-12-15 18:31:48 (Klumb3r)

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