1986 Buick LeSabre

Surname: Willard

Mk: 6

Class: Sedan

Origin: US USA

Playable vehicle



Contributor: Star Wars Fanatic

Contributor: SolanaBogon


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VC Desscythe17

2017-02-04 11:29
mrmundy555 wrote
Where can you find this car outside of missions?

Very very rarely spawns in Eastern Broker.

PH mrmundy555

2017-02-04 10:58
Where can you find this car outside of missions?

US Mel

2016-06-25 02:15
I've always loved this car. It's a nice, old sedan that's pleasantly vanilla and unoffensive to looks at. The name is a bit of an enigma, though... Willard Willard. I have, however, developed a theory regarding this car's redundant name.
So, the Willard company was first introduced in GTA: San Andreas. One of the earlier known car companies in GTA since it wasn't until GTA IV that every vehicle was assigned a manufacturer. The evidence of the company exists on a billboard in Rodeo, Los Santos, advertising the Elegant, a car based on the Buick Roadmaster. On the billboard, the car was shown to be manufactured by Willard, establishing the company's likeness to Buick.
Also present in GTA: San Andreas was a car called the Willard (based on the Dodge Dynasty), which obviously shares the same name as the largely Buick-based company mentioned above. I believe that the Willard car in SA would not have been manufactured by the Willard company, being based on a Dodge and whatnot (although Willard does make a couple of cars based on Ford products in GTA IV but shhhh). If all cars had been assigned to companies in SA, the Willard would've likely been made by Bravado or maybe Schyster.
The point that I'm trying to make is that I believe the Willard car and the Willard company in SA are entirely unrelated, and share the same name due to developer oversight. I think that at some point after GTA:SA was released, Rockstar noticed that these two otherwise unrelated entities shared the same name. Perhaps they decided to lampoon their little mistake in GTA IV by taking the Willard car, altering its styling to make it look more Buick-like, but still keeping its boxy, mid-sized 1980s design so it would still be recognizable as a Willard, and giving it to the Willard brand for kicks and giggles.
I could be wrong but it's just a theory. :think:

US Mel

2016-06-18 02:48
Aginnon wrote
One of those Albanian blokes drives this car in a beige colour. WHERE can I get this rarity, PLEASE?

The aforementioned beige Willard owned by Dardan Petrela can be obtained in the mission "Bleed Out". After Roman is beat up by some loan sharks and Niko rushes to his aid, Dardan is seen entering his Willard and proceeds to flee the scene. After a chase sequence, he abandons his car at the Twitchin's Sugar Factory in BOABO, where the player follows him up some stairs and into a room where he is killed. You may then enter either Dardan's car or Roman's taxi and use the car you're driving to push the other car down to Roman's cab depot and finish the mission. It's a bit of a pain getting the two cars out of East Hook simultaneously, but it's worth it for a car this rare. I've used this method to get my hands on Dardan's beige Willard a number of times in the past.
There's also another green Willard you can obtain later on in the game, presumably owned by Derrick McReary, from failing the mission "Babysitting" at pretty much any point, if I recall correctly.

ES alatriste2003

2016-06-15 09:26
Aginnon wrote
One of those Albanian blokes drives this car in a beige colour. WHERE can I get this rarity, PLEASE?

Check the GTA's Wikia: gta.wikia.com/wiki/Willard

ID GamerFIB7590

2016-06-15 05:27
Appeared in a mission "It's Your Call"

KP Razor440

2016-06-15 05:11
Burn Rubber wrote

Pay N Spray maybe?


Look at the previous comments, and if you're on PC...get a trainer?

CZ Aginnon

2016-06-14 19:27
One of those Albanian blokes drives this car in a beige colour. WHERE can I get this rarity, PLEASE?

DE Gamer

2013-06-21 07:24
My absolute favorite car in the game! :love: It looks more like a 1985 Buick Electra than a LeSabre: farm3.staticflickr.com/2796/4381893615_fa887bba4f.jpg
CA 440 mopar

2012-04-15 06:04
Who changed this to Cavalier? It's a LeSabre. Look at the overall car people! Not some minor detail that may or may not look more like a Cavalier.

2012-01-21 04:54
Most DEFINITELY Buick LeSabre, 86 or 87.
US lcpdcv

2011-12-28 18:20
A Proton in the US? Seriously? Stupid uneducated foriegners.

PL sajmon14

2011-12-28 13:28
I dont think GTA makers would be basing on such unknown car
TW RacingFreak

2011-12-16 08:06
Honestly I see nothing from Proton Saga here ;)
US CarLuver69

2011-06-28 07:48
How is everyone calling this a friggin Chevrolet Cavalier? It looked like a Plymouth Aries or Dodge Dynasty the first time I saw it. The hood emblem just screams it!

US Black Bart

2010-06-12 05:02
pv15 wrote
Where can you find this in the game?

Star Wars Fanatic said, "One of the rarest vehicles in the game." That's part of the answer you should know. But if you really want this car, I suggest you steal the car after you kill Dardan in the mission "Bleed Out." And here are some places where you can find the car, according to Grand Theft Wiki:


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2010-06-12 05:03:58
US pv15

2009-11-27 16:26
Where can you find this in the game?
IE Road Wars Fanatic

2009-09-14 17:39
Default Stations: Massive B soundsystem 96.9 or Tuff Gong Radio
CA dodge1970

2009-08-21 16:48
Well it is the same base only this for example has a hood ornimate makes me think LeSabre because it seems the more "Buick" thing to do so yes it is still most likely a LeSabre.

FR takumi

2009-08-21 15:52
may be its the same base, Chevy and Buick is the property of GM, they use the same base for creat 2 cars

US Black Bart

2009-08-21 15:47
Welcome, Vanishing Point. Since you just started here, I'll go easy on you. To me, this looks like a 1987 LeSabre. The body shape, the grille, the body line and some other things. But this does have some of the 1987 Cavalier into it, such as the headlights and windows. So maybe a Cavalier. Anyway, enjoy IGCD. :)

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2009-08-21 15:48:38

FR takumi

2009-08-21 15:42
yes you right upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/0/0e/88-90_Chevrolet_Cavalier_sedan.jpg/800px-88-90_Chevrolet_Cavalier_sedan.jpg

US Black Bart

2009-06-24 18:16
Wait a second, this is actually a 1987+ LeSabre, because of the grille.

'86: www.imcdb.org/vehicle_105410-Buick-LeSabre-1986.html

'87: www.imcdb.org/vehicle_59158-Buick-LeSabre-1987.html

US Black Bart

2009-01-23 16:25
1986 Buick LeSabre, definitly not a Dodge Dynasty.
Star Wars Fanatic

2008-09-07 23:44

One of the rarest vehicles in the game.

ES J-2

2008-08-29 15:08
Thatīs great :D
Star Wars Fanatic

2008-08-29 15:04
No it's ok, I found one in the end. The final update should be coming soon :)

ES J-2

2008-08-29 13:23
Star Wars Fanatic wrote
I can't find one anywhere?

Itīs hard, i found them in Broker, on the highway to the airport...but i also found them in Alderney.

If you donīt find one, i can provide a photo, i have one of the rear and one of the front.
Star Wars Fanatic

2008-08-27 20:38
I can't find one anywhere?

ES J-2

2008-08-27 20:31
I finally found one in light blue, i have never seen one until now!
US Skid

2008-04-12 03:12
plymubishi wrote
with everything proving against it being a lesabre, it stays marked as one...

Because nothing has "proved against" it being a LeSabre. All I see are posts of people naming random cars that it looks nothing like, such as LeBaron and Dodge 600.

2008-04-06 18:13
Well with so many people suggesting different things, what should i change it to? If i change it to say.... a Cadillac Cimarron half of the members on this page will go crazy with me :p
CA gmguy

2008-03-12 02:14
yeah, looks like a lebaron sedan, maybe 1987?
US Skid

2008-02-07 19:37
Neon wrote
Yes, this is a 4-door, LeSabre is only a coupč!

Incorrect. Below is a 1987 LeSabre 4 door:

Since the video game car has non-composite headlights, it's a 1986 LeSabre. I can't see how anyone with eyes can dispute that.

2008-01-01 01:40
Snookie wrote
How about a 1982 Chevy Cavalier?

Agreed, this is a Cavalier for sure

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2008-01-01 01:41:47
IT Neon

2007-12-31 16:03
69ChargerDaytona wrote
Has anyone noticed that this is a 4 door, not 2 door, like the pictures scoobydoo82 posted.

Yes, this is a 4-door, LeSabre is only a coupč!
IT Neon

2007-12-28 17:14
1982-86 Pontiac 6000
CA badlymad

2007-12-07 22:03
I've already said this in the main comment page, but I'll like to reiterate that the Willard looks much more like the Cadillac Cimarron than the Dodge Dynasty:

ES lastinpurple

2007-12-07 14:38
Definitly a Dodge Dynasty "Willard"

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