CitroŽn Type HY

Surname: Europ

Class: Pick-up

Origin: FR France

Playable vehicle



Contributor: austinallegro

Contributor: TheGreaser


Author Message
US chevyman105

2010-03-09 02:57
It looks like one of those Chevrolet army vehicles the Italians used back in WWII.
US ShantJ

2010-03-03 19:58
Definately a Type-H, but I've never seen a pickup version.

2007-12-20 08:04
For other uses, such as towing highobjects that wouldn't fit into the normal Type-H.

2007-12-08 09:32
this is not changed that much from the real thing.

UK TA-caprice-XI

2007-12-01 16:28
UK austinallegro

2007-11-27 18:27
A Citroen H Van oddly converted to a pick up...

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