2015 Toyota 86 D1GP

Infos supplémentaires: TOPTUL M7 NATS

Châssis: ZN6

Catégorie: Voiture de Course

Origine: JP Japon

Véhicule jouable à débloquer



Contributeur: enzo96

Contributeur: enzo96


Auteur Message


2015-10-21 01:18
Got a six star now :)
I guess it was just time consuming


2015-10-21 00:05
I've finally obtained one but it's only one 5 star and one 4

My player ID is 228738
I believe I already have an empty friend slot

US GroupB

2015-10-20 22:23
Yeah the 180SX is a tough one. I had a long time with nothing, then it dropped a 6-star one on me (and a few days later another). Post your player number and I'll add you at the next level up. The game doesn't let you add friends by name.


2015-10-20 21:18
I almost forget about the racecar option existed there, my bad :p

Also thanks for keeping this page updated, I'm usually fairly quick with this game though ironically enough I never got the B-west Nissan from the event tickets yet, even after attempting it many times

US GroupB

2015-10-20 19:09
OK I deleted the duplicate. I guess your submission hadn't been approved yet when I uploaded mine. Also, for the future, the D1GP cars should be classified as "racecar"

IT Automotive Gaming

2015-10-19 20:17
No problem :p Anyway for 2015 and 2014 I'm referring to the D1GP season the car was made for


2015-10-19 19:11
Oh sorry, it's just the game doesn't specify the date year of the car model, also it's been awhile sicne i kept up with the D1 series

also noticed i'm not the only one who submit pictures on this game, if groupB want to do the rest, i will let the rest up to him :)

IT Automotive Gaming

2015-10-19 17:32
Listed x2?


Also, this is the 2015 version, you should add the 2014 too

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