2003 Blastolene Special

Surnom: Jay Leno Tank Car

Catégorie: Voiture de Course

Origine: US Etats-Unis

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Contributeur: marcus

Contributeur: Noko Tau

Contributeur: Silnev


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Noko Tau

2016-04-23 08:54
speedfreak975 a écrit

Yes I know but it says Jay Teno :p

Polyphony only accidentally discovered the Blastolene Special Tank Car when they were snooping around Jay Leno's garage looking for new engine sounds. That's probably why they thought it was Jay Leno's own creation.

Jay Leno owns it, but he didn't build it. In the same way that Ralph Lauren owns a $40 million 1938 Bugatti 57sc Atlantic, it remains a Bugatti, not a Ralph Lauren 57sc Atlantic.

(Jay Leno also owns a blue 57sc Atlantic clone built around a 'regular' 1937 Bugatti 57s chassis. I doubt it even started life as an sc.)

The Blastolene Special was designed by Michael Leeds and built by Randy Grubb. Of all the Randy Grubb creations it's possibly one of the most ordinary vehicles they've built. Take for instance the 1940 Packard Streamliner and Rocket 3 quad bike. Now if THESE were in Gran Turismo Sport . . .

Although my two favourites would be the Blastolene B-702 (GMC 11½ litre V12 & Allison 4-speed auto) with hand blown tail lights and the Deco Tri-pod (Piaggio MP3 scooter)

The Brotherhood of the Blastolene is a 'loose confederation of automotive artists' who support each other through amazing outrageous art-deco projects such as the ones I've mentioned. Blastolene was named after a barbecue sauce Michael Leeds created for a restaurant he used to own.

Although Blastolene cars are very definitely art they're not considered 'art cars'. Not like Chip Foose's Impression or Boyd Coddington's Cadzilla. These are ground-up creations designed and built to stir primal emotions in the very core of every onlooker, not to win trophies at car shows.

Imagine if Polyphony took a serious interest in Blastolene creations. We could be hooning around and feeling the lean at the auxiliary controls on the flying bridge of the Decoliner, or scaring rally spectators with a savage looking Blown Ranger.

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2016-04-23 08:55:29

LB speedfreak975

2015-09-05 21:57
Mieguy a écrit
Polyphony Digital named it Jay Leno tank car, but in Real Life its named "Blastolene Special"

Yes I know but it says Jay Teno :p

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2015-09-05 21:59:33

DE Mieguy

2015-09-05 21:53
Polyphony Digital named it Jay Leno tank car, but in Real Life its named "Blastolene Special"

LB speedfreak975

2015-09-05 21:06
Isn't it " Jay Leno tank car" like gran turismo 4

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