Otosan 500 Pikap

Chassis: P2

Class: Pick-up

Origin: TR Turkey

Vehicle only seen in CGI cut scene



Contributor: Black Bart

Contributor: Black Bart


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FR SolanaBogon

2014-12-19 10:22
If you look closely it's actually the same than the Istanbul pickup (Ford F-150) with a R4 font grille


2014-10-23 22:00
Chevrolet C-10 fron early 70s with Renault logo
CA gmguy

2014-06-03 00:25
maybe a Ford Courier?
US carcrasher88

2014-05-10 23:19
No, it's not a Renault 4.

I will agree that the grille matches that of a later model Renault 4, but the body is clearly an American pickup truck.
PT Ford78

2014-05-10 20:34
No, it's an Renault 4. Year: 1992.
MK Rocker05

2014-04-25 02:11
Dodge D-100?

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