Surname: Bus

Class: Single-deck

Origin: US USA

Playable vehicle



Contributor: J-2

Contributor: J-2


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UK routemaster45

2013-12-09 13:47
anyone up fo a challenge? i'm doing a race fom the top of mt. chillad in around four of these (cargobobed up there) and i'm going to race people to the bottom of the mountain. two challenges. first to make it to the bottom and first to make it alive. anyone up to the challenge? :D
ES OptareD

2013-10-05 22:38
Two pictures more, local version (orange) and express version (blue)

JP Ayaka

2013-06-29 12:04
This is Bus is the LA Metro Rapid!

BR Attacker1997

2013-01-05 02:14
Car name: Bus


2012-12-07 20:48
Strange. seen tons of busses that look like this but Ive never taken any notice of what the actully are. tho atleast they look exactly like the busses from cali from what I rember, Havent been there for a few years.

I agree what people are saying for the most part. It does look like an NABI 40-LFW But kinda like a 45C too, since it has the same windows on the side as a 45C, but the body shape of a 40, and since they were built in 2002, and the NABI 45-LFW is still being made (as far as I know) but that has a rounder body.. and yeas I did just look all this up getting all nerdy on my car stuff :F

So yeah Mix of NABI 40-LFW and NABI 45C-LFW,
Just a shame that they have one sheet of glass in the front rather than a triditinal split windsheild.. I cant rember seeing a bus with one single windsheild now I think about it?
RU Maltravers

2012-11-15 06:04
SMC1706 wrote
HU SMC1706

2012-11-14 20:19

2012-11-14 17:49
Its alot like the buses in L.A in real life, obviously. Nothing like the GTA 4 bus.
US carcrasher88

2012-11-14 17:37
Front looks like it could be an Orion, yet the side looks a little more like New Flyer.

ES J-2

2012-11-14 17:34
mechanicmoose wrote
exactly the same bus as in IV,with differnet color

It's different, the roof, the sides and the windscreen are not the same:
ES daviddiaz21

2012-11-14 17:31
I love this bus
ES daviddiaz21

2012-11-14 17:31
Is very different
CA mechanicmoose

2012-11-14 17:29
exactly the same bus as in IV,with differnet color

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