1984 Nissan 300ZX

Surname: Insurrection Turbo XRZ5 X-2

Chassis: Z31

Mk: 1

Class: Coupé

Origin: JP Japan

Unplayable vehicle



Contributor: Andra125


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RU Maltravers

2012-11-30 04:58
I think this car is more similar to Nissan 300ZX [Z31].
SI Andra125

2012-11-03 09:28
RacingFreak wrote

TW RacingFreak

2012-11-03 07:24
SI Andra125

2012-11-03 07:08
Yes, it's an 84' RX-7. Could an admin please change that?

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2012-11-03 07:08:45
TW RacingFreak

2012-11-03 04:07
Such a shame this isnt real model.

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2012-11-03 04:10:10

US NismoR35

2012-11-03 00:25
Yeah, but I was justifying my point of vehicle brands being created before the GTA IV era from sajmon's post

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2012-11-03 00:27:55
PL Tycek

2012-11-02 23:59
I wouldn't look at these brands as a full and only truth, because even R* are making mistakes. Feroci looks like Lexus GS, but it was manufactured by Bravado, Regina is clearly Pontiac, but it was manufactured by Dundreary, etc.

US NismoR35

2012-11-02 23:30
Excerpt from the Wiki page. And the vehicle brands were created way before GTA IV came around, but it wasn't as abundant.

Much like Maibatsu vehicles advertised in earlier games between GTA III and GTA Liberty City Stories, the Insurrection is not seen on the road, but is distinctive in that it is clearly featured on advertising.

The car's appearance marks the first time the Imponte name is used as a car brand in the GTA series.

And if that's not convincing enough, Transcript from the radio advert

Leisure. Rebellion. Insubordination.
Shift into the awesome reality with the Imponte Insurrection Turbo XRZ5 X-2.
For men more interested in 0-to-60 than 9-to-5.

Feel the pulse of the streets in this ultra turbo coupe.
It's a world-class turbocharged touring car,
where you're surrounded by the very latest in high-tech technological wizardry.

Like an overhead digital clock, remote control mirrors,
and electronic ashing device for your cigarette.

Plus, a genuine pleather-wrapped steering wheel,
so you know what you're gripping.

Visit the new definition of freedom and luxury with the
Imponte Insurrection Turbo XRZ5 X-2.

Take out the T-tops, put them in the trunk, step on the gas,
and hear the throaty roar of the V-8 screaming under the hood.


Yeah. Give it to her. She wants it.


The Imponte Insurrection Turbo XRZ5 X-2.
Isn't it time you outperformed the competition, and came first?

And I agree with it looking like a Mazda RX-7 but still, the game claims it's an Imponte.

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2012-11-02 23:33:16

PL sajmon14

2012-11-02 23:22
These brands like Imponte came in GTAIV and this game was made earlier, it doesnt look like Firebird and in the advert it sounds like a Japanese car
PT Ford78

2012-11-02 23:22
It´s definetly a Mazda RX-7

US NismoR35

2012-11-02 23:16
Even though it has the 80's Japanese 2 door coupe styles, the radio commercial says it's an Imponte, which is obviously the parody of Pontiac. And FYI, GTAWiki wouldn't have as much info if it was filled with lies.
SI Andra125

2012-11-02 22:15
Yup, it's more like a japanese sports car from the 80s... I listed it in as a Firebird because GTAwiki said it was one...
Ahh well, don't trust wikias. Atleast when it comes to fictional vehicles :/

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2012-11-02 22:15:46
PL Tycek

2012-11-02 21:59
It looks a bit like first gen RX-7.
RU buka

2012-11-02 21:13
Nissan z31?
SI Andra125

2012-11-02 19:45
Also mentioned in a radio ad:

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