1975 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

Chassis: W87

Mk: 2

Class: Coupé

Origin: US USA

Playable vehicle



Contributor: Star Wars Fanatic

Contributor: subzero

Contributor: subzero


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CH solarriors

2020-01-27 04:02

US CorvetteDriver369

2020-01-27 03:53
SE fontheking5

2014-10-11 22:43
1975 www.musclecarclub.com/musclecars/pontiac-firebird/images/pontiac-firebird-1975a.jpg
NL Gijs571

2011-12-16 23:29
Cool car :D
Star Wars Fanatic

2011-11-27 23:37
Shot replaced.
PL Tycek

2011-09-03 23:41

DE Mieguy

2011-07-24 13:33
better pictures. I had to cut off the top half of the picture because of a television logo.

-- Last edit:
2011-07-24 13:43:14
NL 1973

2011-07-18 13:00
Finally the Car intended for Driver 2 in another Driver Game .
CA baldwinvette77

2011-06-22 16:02
instead of the driver it maybe be inspired by the 74 and 75 firebirds used in the rockford files imcdb.org/vehicle_3345-Pontiac-Firebird-1975.html

CA baldwinvette77

2011-06-22 15:57
transamturbo1980 wrote
This is actually a 1975 Trans am

i was thinking the same thing at first but the 75 has bumperettes and a black strip across the bumper which i didnt see in the video, but yeah those fog lights are very 75 but i chose 76 because 1 was used in the movie "the driver"
ES Max.Thunder

2011-06-13 10:50
Another film car, appeared in The Driver

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