2010 Dacia Duster

Surname: Alameda

Chassis: H79

Class: Off-road / SUV

Origin: RO Romania

Playable vehicle



Contributor: sajmon14


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DE Mieguy

2017-10-17 00:52
Why did someone add it as 2007? Even the first main page comment from 2011 says "it was released today". I changed it now.

ID GamerFIB7590

2017-10-17 00:04
The release date is wrong
AutoTracker wrote
Release date is 2011. Also, the Satanic game on this site. :D

VC Desscythe17

2017-10-16 21:47
car mad1 wrote

What are we meant to be looking at?

2010 car in a 2007 game. It does look exactly like a Dacia Duster though.

-- Last edit:
2017-10-16 21:48:51
UK car mad1

2017-10-16 20:25
Twilight Sparkplug wrote
I just noticed this..

What are we meant to be looking at?

Twilight Sparkplug

2017-05-06 21:22
I just noticed this..

US ShantJ

2012-04-24 18:18
We need a Sandero in Forza. :P

PL sajmon14

2011-03-07 18:53
Well Pajero hasn't got rear windows like this, so let's keep it as Dacia
TW RacingFreak

2011-03-07 17:49
First on site.

US strike9

2011-03-07 00:49
sirname is Alameda
TR bugravarol

2011-03-06 19:27
sajmon14 wrote
I was thinking about Pajero/Montero

Yep, looks like a bit Pajero...

PL sajmon14

2011-03-06 18:29
I was thinking about Pajero/Montero
TR bugravarol

2011-03-06 18:11
2010 Dacia Duster.

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