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2004 Ford Fiesta Super 1600 Concept MkV

2004 Ford Fiesta Super 1600 MkV dans Colin McRae Rally 2005, Course, 2004

Catégorie: Voitures, Proto / Concept — Origine: DE

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2004 Ford Fiesta Super 1600 Concept MkV

Image fournie par : Rinspeed

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2008-09-21 07:21

Really nice 2WD car, I don't like the nasty wheel hop that occurs when the throttle is mashed. The tach needle seems like it wants to do a 360 rotation of the dial. But, it is the more powerful of the 2WD cars in the FWD class, its 2.0L in line 4 cylinder engine burps out 220Hp. The fact that it's not the heaviest also helps, but, don't let that fact put you behind the wheel too quickly, it takes time to get to speed, the other 2WD cars get to their respective high speeds quicker than this car can, but, it is very sure of itself.


2009-01-24 20:05

I agree with Murf32, it's a very nice car, it 's light and it's handling for me is just brilliant. I would be happy to take that to any rally on any day. It's that good a car, and not only is it good on mud, I find it very good on any sort of terrain.

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