Opel Astra

Mk: 2

Class: Sedan

Origin: DE Germany

Unplayable vehicle



Contributor: Burn Rubber

Contributor: Burn Rubber


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JP doseisan photo_librarymode_comment

2023-08-19 05:31
Daewoo Lanos [T100]
TH EscudoPikesPeak photo_librarymode_comment

2013-02-07 05:16
A fact : if you hit this car very hard until the glasses are broken , you can see the guy inside this car fainted... yeah that's right... he's fainted... its realistic :) not like other cars... player hit them and the person who got crashed act like nothing happened!
PT Ford78 photo_librarymode_comment

2010-10-06 15:34
Daewoo Nubira
sandwad photo_librarymode_comment

2009-05-25 13:40
honda civic upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/e7/2000-Honda-Civic-hatchback.jpg
CrazyCars photo_librarymode_comment

2007-10-26 11:54
Vauxhall Astra, las gen
Star Wars Fanatic photo_librarymode_comment

2006-12-09 01:11

Renault Megane?

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2006-12-09 01:12:08

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