1987 Lotus 99T Honda

Surname: Polyphony Digital F687/S

Chassis: Type 99

Class: Racecar

Origin: UK United Kingdom

Playable and unlockable vehicle
: 25% chance of win after Seattle 100 Miles Endurance (NTSC only)



Contributor: GroupB

Contributor: GroupB


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AU EK61 photo_librarymode_comment

2013-12-24 00:28
the four f1s which weren't in the PAL game are there but you need to cheat to get them and they have Mira bodies
PT Ford78 photo_librarymode_comment

2010-12-15 19:28
Only aviable on NTSC USA
CA Lantzs09 photo_librarymode_comment

2010-10-23 15:36
It's a Lotus 99T could a mod please change it?
IT Bob Simbel photo_librarymode_comment

2010-05-29 14:31
If this rule is truth and I think so: "The featured car in final GT3 Car of the Day update is the F094/S, which is a fantasy car that's based on an F1 car driven by the late Ayrton Senna. [...]The first number represents the number of cylinders the cars is (0 for 10 and 6 for 6), the next two are the year that the car was used, and the last letter denotes the name of the car's driver "

Source: uk.ps2.ign.com/articles/096/096472p1.html

this is a Lotus 99T-Honda of Senna, 1987 F1 car

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