2006 Mercedes-Benz ML

Surnom: Serrano

Châssis: W164

Catégorie: Tout-terrain / SUV

Origine: DE Allemagne

Véhicule jouable à télécharger
: DLC The Ballad of Gay Tony



Contributeur: J-2

Contributeur: SolanaBogon


Auteur Message
AU dragonboy

2013-05-06 11:30
Also agree with ML, THe body shape in general is much more curvier, its got the flick up window that joins to the rear tailgate glass on the rear quarter which is separated from the doors by the quarter panel, where as the GL side glasshouse is made too look like one. All over in general, the front and rear too, look like an ML, with maybe minor details from the GL.
Completely different and clearly inspired by the ML and not the GL

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2013-05-06 11:31:37
FI Antti-san

2013-05-06 02:20
Definitely an ML, IMO.
FR SolanaBogon

2012-08-26 22:23
I agree, it looks more like a ML, but the front is GL
SE madani

2012-05-22 00:45
Looks likes a ML to me?
US lcpdcv

2012-02-18 03:33
CrazyCars a écrit
I take it the real Crown Victoria beneath the Mercedes is a download for PC?

No-R* actually got Ford's license for a retardedly violent game like this. -_-
joistickeros a écrit
But this is for xbox360? or is a mod for PC

How can you be this stupid. Seriously.

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2012-02-18 03:37:17
NL Gijs571

2011-07-13 19:35
looks like a BMW X5 to me
US carcrasher88

2011-04-21 01:45
joistickeros a écrit
But this is for xbox360? or is a mod for PC

It's available on the 360, PS3 and PC. It's in the TBOGT DLC, which can be bought seperately, in the 'Episodes of Liberty City' seperate disc, or the complete GTA IV + Episodes of Liberty City set.

It can be found quite easily, especially in multiplayer mode.

Oh, and one more thing...

Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG.
BR caio fivetech

2011-02-27 19:01

BR Crown Vic guy br

2011-02-27 05:29
I play this game and this car is too small to be the GL, and he have an AMGish version so is more probably he is an ML

ES J-2

2010-08-07 21:42
Well, i´ll redone this pic. Meanwhile, i blacked out the car.

UK TA-Caprice-XI

2010-08-07 21:12
We shouldn't be using screenshots containing third party content on this website, regardless of how visible they are. Some people may find it misleading, and since those crown vics aren't an "offical" in-game vehicle, this image is falsely representing the game.

I've said this before, but if we're going to allow screenshots like this, then what's stopping peope from listing third party downloads as "playable/downloadable"? That's actually happened recently, not sure if anyone actually cares or not, but I just thought I'd point that out.

ES J-2

2010-08-07 15:56

2010-08-07 14:54
I take it the real Crown Victoria beneath the Mercedes is a download for PC?
IE Road Wars Fanatic

2009-11-19 22:20
'pimped' Version
TR BugraVarol

2009-11-16 11:11
the headlights came from Fiat Idea:


ES J-2

2009-11-05 20:22
Rear view (note the GL sharped rearlights)

FR takumi

2009-11-04 19:57
The first on IGCD

FR takumi

2009-11-04 19:52
Yes GL you're right

ES J-2

2009-11-04 19:46
Mercedes ML/GL without any doubt.

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2009-11-04 19:47:06

FR takumi

2009-11-04 19:36
mercedes classe R

MY subzero

2009-11-04 19:31
Looks like an Audi Q7

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2009-11-04 19:31:39
Star Wars Fanatic

2009-11-04 19:02
Available only in The Ballad of Gay Tony DLC.

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