1971 Dodge Challenger

Extra info: R/T

Mk: 1

Class: Coupé

Origin: US USA

Playable and downloadable vehicle



Contributor: dragonboy

Contributor: subzero

Contributor: subzero


Author Message

BR Victor_2003 photo_librarymode_comment

2024-01-08 23:50
Its me or the model are deformed and ugly?

HK BrianMak photo_librarymode_comment

2017-05-13 02:28
This car is a nightmare , before I have the Car Pack it looked like the R32 Coupe with these rims which had me a jumpscare and after I downloaded the Car Pack the car is too drifty
US Skid photo_librarymode_comment

2011-01-20 19:51
Eh? It's pretty easy to tell a Hurst pistol-grip 4 speed from a slapstick T-handle.
US Johnboy photo_librarymode_comment

2010-11-01 03:18
ShantJ wrote
Unfortunately, they modeled an automatic transmission car. =(

How in the world do you get that? It is impossible to tell an automatic car from a standard shift car by looks alone.

-- Last edit:
2010-11-01 03:19:08
US ShantJ photo_librarymode_comment

2010-05-03 23:25
Unfortunately, they modeled an automatic transmission car. =(

-- Last edit:
2010-05-03 23:25:51
CA dodge1970 photo_librarymode_comment

2009-08-06 16:09

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