Surname: MAHIR Motors Supron

Class: Van / MPV

Playable vehicle



Contributor: Bond007stig

Contributor: Bond007stig


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CA car-dude44

2020-10-18 21:59
I'd go for Wagon R as well as most of the styling is pretty much identical, it's just larger.
AU Bond007stig

2020-10-18 02:37
Suzuki Wagon R Hybrid FZ 2017, has matching body shape and side pillars, fronts a little different though

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2020-10-18 06:00:29

ID ahadikaputra

2020-10-12 13:28
Reminds me of some japanese kei car
UK cherrier_vivace

2020-04-11 02:58
Kia Soul

MX Gagarsa06

2019-10-24 01:29
RollsRoyceMusic wrote
fiat multipla

Too boxy for a Multipla. Besides, side windows don't match.

UA RollsRoyceMusic

2019-10-02 18:27
fiat multipla

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