1985 Plymouth Reliant K

Surname: Manana

Class: Coupé

Origin: US USA

Playable vehicle



Contributor: G-MANN


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US generalrusty78

2018-03-12 23:19
[quote=SizSkiizd]Why is it an EXP? It looks nothing like one.[/quote]
I think he is talking about the Facelifted EXP Related image


2014-11-30 15:57
Maybe they were not calling it Mañana, because they can´t write it in font of letters they used or because people wont know how to spell it

2014-11-30 10:29
SizSkiizd wrote
Mañana means tomorrow in Spanish, but it's called Manana

Did you know that that was referring to how slow this car was in the game (You will get there tomorrow )

CA SizSkiizd

2010-09-12 00:34
Why is it an EXP? It looks nothing like one.
PT Ford78

2010-09-11 22:28
What?! Why is not a EXP?
CA dodge1970

2010-09-11 20:10
Ford78 wrote
1986 Ford EXP

PT Ford78

2010-09-11 19:32
1986 Ford EXP
CA dodge1970

2009-02-19 02:18
One of the best cars in the game its almost identical in every aspect driving wise to my Aries. I use it in almost every mission i can!

CA SizSkiizd

2008-02-29 22:40
Forget it, it's not Mañana. It's Manana, just swap the M, and you'll get 'Banana'... lol
ES lastinpurple

2008-02-29 16:36

2008-02-28 16:36
Maybe it was different in the spanish version of the game
ES lastinpurple

2008-02-28 15:50
It's called eñe

2008-02-28 13:10
In the game the name of that car wasn't spelt with a funny "n".

CA SizSkiizd

2008-02-27 15:16
Mañana means tomorrow in Spanish, but it's called Manana
Star Wars Fanatic

2007-04-20 23:07
I don't think that is correct.
ES lastinpurple

2007-04-20 17:29
It's Mañana, not Manana
EU booster

2006-10-27 13:42
Early 90s Ford Mustang

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