1986 Pontiac Grand Prix NASCAR

Surname: Hotring Racer

Mk: 4

Class: Racecar

Origin: US USA

Playable and unlockable vehicle



Contributor: G-MANN


Author Message

FR Skyline159

2020-11-09 18:50
Can be unlocked only a cheat.

2017-03-28 00:42
This car look like a '88 or '90s Pontiac Grand Prix, doesn't look like a Camaro, maybe the headlights.
CA RyanTheRedneck

2012-07-09 01:39
This really reminds me of a 1988 Pontiac grand prix. Though that seems kinda odd considering the game is set in'86
US Ritsu Tainaka

2011-08-30 07:53
It's Playable and unlockable Vehicle, There are some codes:

PS2 R1, Circle R2, Right, L1, L2, X, X, Square, R1
Xbox, RT, B, Black, Right, LT, RT, Right, Up, B, Black

FR takumi

2009-07-15 11:05
Listed Camaro mk3 nascar in GTA Sa www.igcd.net/vehicle.php?id=1454

CA SizSkiizd

2009-03-24 17:10
Opel Manta B2: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:RBrookes.jpg
BR caio fivetech

2009-03-23 18:07
Ford Mustang or a Camaro...Look in GTA San Andreas link, has the same model...
AU Roadrunner

2008-07-29 05:37
Another American 80's Nascar inspired car. Not sure which one mind you, though all look very similar in racing trim.
IT AlexSheckler18

2008-04-03 14:58
"Chevrolet Camaro"?

CA SizSkiizd

2008-03-09 00:51
At first glance, I immediately thought of some mix between a Ford Sierra and an Opel Manta
UK austinallegro

2007-11-09 20:56
Well, they made the Avanti 2 in the eighties, which looks exactly like the one made in the Sixties.
UK austinallegro

2006-12-12 11:26
I think it's a car called a Studerbaker Avanti see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Studebaker_Avanti for more details
Star Wars Fanatic

2006-10-29 00:06
Well you aren't supposed to be without the use of cheats ;)

2006-10-28 22:26
But it's still possible to play it, just not in the ordinary course of the game.
Star Wars Fanatic

2006-10-28 21:24
Just have it listed as unplayable, as is.

2006-10-28 20:09
Since you can't drive this car (although the handling and speed of the 3 Hotring Racers is pretty similar) without using a cheat, what star rating should it have?

2006-10-21 01:39
One of the cars used by your oppenents in the Hotring race. You can only get to drive it by using a cheat code.

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