Land-Rover Discovery

Surname: Richard Hammond's Eco Car

Class: Custom Car

Origin: UK United Kingdom

Playable and downloadable vehicle



Contributor: Top Gear Fan

Contributor: Top Gear Fan


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ID Ryan2t4

2019-01-18 20:22
Actually the car name is: Tree-ti.
Meat-ti, for Clarkson
Peap-ti, for May
ID Ryan2t4

2019-01-10 01:01
This car based on Land Rover Discovery chassis, the grand tour trio, must making a own ecocar.
Jeremy: Bone styled(but stinks, in three days later)
Richard: Plant styled (as this above)
James: Mud (easly dissolves), brick (collapse when James about to driving), hays (well, it's just loses little hays)

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2019-01-17 08:39:46
ID Ryan2t4

2018-12-04 04:49
in IMCDB, it's classified as 'Custom Made'.

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