1955 Ford F-350

Surname: Towtruck

Mk: 2

Class: Tow-truck

Origin: US USA

Playable and downloadable vehicle
: DLC The Lost and Damned



Contributor: J-2

Contributor: SolanaBogon


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HU Mathias98

2021-02-22 04:14
Just noticed, on the GTA V page the same towtruck is listed as a '55 F-350, while this one is a '56.
It's definitely not a '56 model, because it has different window shape:

Also, I'd say it would be better to change both to 1953, the first model year of this generation. The towtruck has the front clip of a 1973-79 Chevy C/K, so it's impossible to determine whether it's a 1953 or a 1955 model.

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2021-02-22 04:32:55

2011-12-13 21:44
pv15 wrote
where can you find this... i only see it in missions when i cant get it...

Copied and pasted from the GTA wiki:
■Usually driving around Bohan.
■Usually driving around in Northern Alderney if you ride any of the TLAD bikes, e.g. Hexer.
■Spawns all around Alderney. Usually Berchem, Normandy, Leftwood, Alderney City, or Westdyke
■Sometimes seen driving around Northwood or North Holland

US Black Bart

2011-02-26 15:14
Fiona-Tayler wrote
What DLC has Towtruck

This for the The Last and Damned version, you can download from the original GTA IV or buy it separately with The Ballad of Gay Tony.
US chevyman105

2010-06-17 21:57
1970s GMC Sierra?
US pv15

2010-05-02 18:38
where can you find this... i only see it in missions when i cant get it...

ES J-2

2009-03-06 23:08
Of course!...not.

Sadly, itīs useless.

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