2006 Lincoln Zephyr

Surname: ASYM Desanne LX

Chassis: CD378

Mk: 1

Class: Sedan

Origin: US USA

Unplayable vehicle



Contributor: Jonathan6506

Contributor: Jonathan6506

Contributor: Jonathan6506


Author Message

FR Skyline159

2021-04-08 01:30
According in the Driver wiki, this car is unused.

ES Auto-Friki

2020-06-08 23:49
The year of this vehicle with the help of a mod (Even if the make of the vehicle and the name of the model itself were fictitious) it is the following: 2007.

ES Auto-Friki

2020-06-08 23:48
TheGreaser wrote
You can't. You can mod it to be drivable, but legally it can't be obtained.

In other words, with a mod yes, but legally not? Well what a waste of vehicle even if you find it quite beautiful and modern.

ES Auto-Friki

2020-06-08 18:45
I don't know if this taxi can be unlocked by cheats.

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