Case IH 1660 Combine

Surname: Combine Harvester

Class: Farming vehicle

Origin: US USA

Playable vehicle



Contributor: subzero

Contributor: SolanaBogon


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2015-04-13 19:19
There is also a reward, after you have 100% with hillbilly girlfriend with Bandito, you can wear farming clothes and if you wear it, every combine is open

ID GamerFIB7590

2014-12-19 12:31
hanwoo wrote
I can't drive this vehicle because door is locked.

You have to shoot the driver, so you can drive that vehicle

US NismoR35

2014-02-26 19:39
There's a way to drive this without cheats or anything, Although it has to be during the day: First thing is, you need a car to block it's path on the fields, climb onto the roof of said car and use (preferably) a Sniper Rifle to shoot at the driver's head and he'll fall out, leaving the door open for you to take it. Be sure to have a direct hit, as one miss will make him panic and push you out of the way, and there's no chance in stopping him unless you have either a large truck or van, and/or corner him. Avoid doing this on a slope, since at rare times the door will somehow close back shut and you'll be locked out of it all together. And of course, the only way to store this is in the Verdant Meadows hangar.

There's a second method, although this isn't as favorable since there's so many ways it could go wrong: First, find a Tow-truck, hook it up to the front of the Combine, and tow it back to the hangar and it'll unlock once the hangar doors close. And as I said, the wide attachment makes it extremely difficult to tow it on normal roads, and since the bridge that's closest to the hangar is rather narrow, and traffic tends to be rather nightmare-ish. You'd probably have to use the "Cars float on Water" cheat in order to get across safely.

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2014-02-26 19:44:52
DE victorvance

2014-02-26 19:22
hanwoo wrote
I can't drive this vehicle because door is locked.

I think it is only driveable during The Truths mission "BODY HARVEST". If I remember correctly it is even locked directly after it. I canīt remember if I had spotted it elsewhere. I pressume the screenshots of it were taken with the help of a vehicle-cheat.
KR hanwoo

2014-02-26 04:11
I can't drive this vehicle because door is locked.
SE Sven1995

2012-08-24 12:06
Andra125 wrote
whats a combine doing on the beach?

Looking for gordon freeman (combine joke)

2011-11-14 15:04
Andra125 wrote
whats a combine doing on the beach?

SI Andra125

2011-08-01 19:18
whats a combine doing on the beach?

PL sajmon14

2010-11-11 20:35
really hard to get it on PS2 version, no cheat for it

US strike9

2010-06-16 19:10
Special Features:

It can chop people up if you run over them

FR takumi

2009-04-18 12:54
1992 CASE IH 1660 Combine

CA SizSkiizd

2008-11-13 14:33
No, this is more a CASE IH 1660 Combine.

CA SizSkiizd

2008-08-12 18:34
All I can tell is that it's a John Deere

MY subzero

2008-08-12 16:38
sorry for the ugly image (the previous image), due to the foggy weather. So what about this image?

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2008-08-12 16:38:36

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