2003 Mercury Grand Marquis

Surname: Admiral

Class: Sedan

Origin: US USA

Playable vehicle



Contributor: twingo

Contributor: twingo


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ID GamerFIB7590

2019-01-24 01:05
It's shown as abandoned one, sadly

2012-11-09 20:57
but the top pic looks like a towncar

2012-11-09 20:54
agree with DJFinn, but the back lights remind me a bit of a rounded out '99 Toyota Camry..???

2012-08-18 04:03
...Lincoln Continental, 2002? possibly 03-04? It would make sense with the limo and all...
US Geoman

2012-02-20 06:13
Veeble Fetzer wrote
I agree with Lincoln LS

Looks nothing like an LS imho.

BR Crown Vic guy br

2010-12-21 01:38
It's an grand marquis
BR Caio Fivetech

2009-07-07 20:47
Lincoln Towncar

US Black Bart

2009-06-20 23:47
This is my last comment of what I think of this car. This car is a 2003+ Mercury Grand Marquis GS. It's because of the whole front end (except for the hood).

US Black Bart

2009-01-23 16:29
Is it either a year 1988, 1998 or 2003?

CA SizSkiizd

2008-08-12 18:44
subzero wrote
It should be Lincoln Towncar. Since the stretched limousine is Lincoln Towncar.

Actually, there is a stretched variant of the Grand Marquis: www.cabovillas.com/gif/new_limo1.jpg

2008-08-11 15:26
It's a Grand Marquis with elements of an 80s Mercedes

CA SizSkiizd

2008-08-11 10:26
It used to be listed as a Grand Marquis. Why has it changed?
IT Neon

2008-08-11 01:01
taxiguy wrote
It's a 1998-2002 Town Car

The grille of this car is larger than the one of the Town Car.

CA SizSkiizd

2008-08-10 16:33
Either Lincoln Towncar or Mercury Grand Marquis

2008-08-10 15:51
Made by Dundreary

MY subzero

2008-08-10 04:33
It should be Lincoln Towncar. Since the stretched limousine is Lincoln Towncar.
CA badlymad

2008-08-10 03:13
The 'Admiral' name is usually reserved for a Mercedes clone, but it's difficult to say what this is.

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