2007 BMW 5

Extra info: Polizei

Chassis: E60

Class: Sedan

Origin: DE Germany

Unplayable vehicle
: Part of Patch 1.27 update, only appears in Switzerland.



Contributor: RushCars24

Contributor: RushCars24


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ID GamerFIB7590

2019-12-12 22:53
pulvis3000.com wrote

It's a game. Also the Swiss cops do not use Volkswagen Touran, as far as I know. They use cars from their country, like some BMW, Subaru, Skoda and Volvos for example.

TheGreaser wrote
If you can't make your own comment and have to look up to some inspiration from the other users, copy-pasting comments and editing vehicle names only can cause you get assumed as information theft
Also, he's NOT even talking about Swiss cops should use the VW Touran
CH solarriors

2018-11-18 13:39
Funily enough the Geneva Police Departement doesn't deploy Series 5, only Skoda, Subaru and Volvos

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