2001 Volkswagen W12 Nardo

Surname: Hanzo Katana

Class: Proto / Concept

Origin: DE Germany

Playable and downloadable vehicle



Contributor: burnoutgt24


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BR Rodrigo photo_librarymode_comment

2017-08-26 04:41
carrera wrote
VW W12 or Audi Avus Quattro concept.


BR carrera photo_librarymode_comment

2017-08-26 04:26
VW W12 or Audi Avus Quattro concept.

BE Speedevil photo_librarymode_comment

2016-10-21 16:58
I didn't remember that game had so many DLCs. They weren't sold on PC so that's probably why.

ID GamerFIB7590 photo_librarymode_comment

2016-10-21 09:10
Volkswagen W12 or Ford GT90
FR Pegasus photo_librarymode_comment

2016-10-21 00:50
US carcrasher88 photo_librarymode_comment

2016-10-21 00:41
The proportions are a little off, but the body kinda reminds me of the Volkswagen W12 Concept.

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