Top Gear (1992)

Type: Racing

Developer: Gremlin Graphics Software

Publisher: Kemco

Platforms: Arcade, Super Nintendo

Damageable vehicles: No


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    FR Tony_Truand photo_librarymode_comment

    2021-09-19 16:12
    The first time I play a race car game with fuel consumption to manage. The white car is the slower but don't need to stop at pit-stop so often, then the blue one, the purple and the red car is the fastest but the need to be careful on gas gauge.

    BR Victor_2003 photo_librarymode_comment

    2021-04-20 21:13
    You can see the top view of the cars when you go to Pit Stop.
    PL Peterkragger photo_librarymode_comment

    2020-10-14 19:37
    Bottom Gear game coming on a console in 20 minutes

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