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Blur, Racing, 2010

Developer: Bizarre Creations

Publisher: Activision

Damageable vehicles: Yes

Tracks or places: view them

PCPS3XBox 360

Pictures for this video game were provided by: Takumi , Silnev

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Graphics and Sound
Vehicle ModelingYour Vote :
Average :
8/10 (3 votes)
Landscape/Scenery QualityYour Vote :
Average :
8/10 (3 votes)
Weather EffectsYour Vote :
Average :
-/10 (1 vote)
Damage SystemYour Vote :
Average :
6.67/10 (3 votes)
Sounds EffectsYour Vote :
Average :
8/10 (3 votes)
PlayabilityYour Vote :
Average :
8.33/10 (3 votes)
RealismYour Vote :
Average :
6/10 (3 votes)
Artificial Intelligence PerformanceYour Vote :
Average :
7.33/10 (3 votes)
Vehicles VarietyYour Vote :
Average :
7.67/10 (3 votes)
Tracks Variety/Map SizeYour Vote :
Average :
6.33/10 (3 votes)
Solo ModeYour Vote :
Average :
7.67/10 (3 votes)
Multiplayer ModeYour Vote :
Average :
-/10 (1 vote)



takumi FR (391)

2009-08-11 16:16

One futur excellent Game

Rinspeed FR (1229)

2009-08-11 16:19

We don't know that. See for Fuel...
Oh if you don't see it, go to the forum for the IGCD Community Awards.

takumi FR (391)

2009-08-11 16:21

Tu peut me parler en français lol, ba j'ai vu les vidéos sa s'annonce, sympa, on verra par la suite mais vu les développeurs je pense pas qu'il y'ait trop de soucis a se faire

Rinspeed FR (1229)

2009-08-11 16:42

Je sais que je peux parler en français mais c'était pour que tout le monde suive. Là c'est conversation privée. Je suggère que le français devienne langue officielle de igcd :lol:

takumi FR (391)

2009-08-11 16:43

Mdr, ah j'aimerais beaucoup sa m'arrangerais au lieu de massacré l'anglais :lol:

sandwad EN (21)

2009-08-11 18:00

when does it come out

subzero MY (203)

2009-08-11 18:42

Q4 2009


2009-09-21 20:47

So is this about bad camera work or what?

Star Wars Fanatic EN (487)

2009-09-23 15:33

This game has been delayed until 2010 now.


2009-09-27 20:21

Star Wars Fanatic wrote This game has been delayed until 2010 now.

Well that sucks, I was looking forward to playing it this year


2009-10-04 17:59

Blur... is that referring to how it looks?


2009-12-20 08:45

lol ... Delay & Delay ...

CarlsonsRaiders CA (0)

2010-03-17 11:52

I'm not sure how you get it, as I got mine from a friend, but you can get codes and use them on Blur's official website to get a free 48 hour Xbox code and free Blur Beta code for Xbox 360!

takumi FR (391)

2010-06-02 00:46

More will be come and this game is so good !

takumi FR (391)

2010-06-06 19:40

all unplayable cars are in her, only two are missing, i will start the pics from playable cars !

Road Wars Fanatic IE (3)

2010-06-14 21:30

This game shall be Great!

Mieguy DE (140)

2010-06-16 20:55

i borrowed the game today and it looks like Need for Speed on Exctasy! but that is a fact, that makes the game very nice :-P

takumi FR (391)

2010-06-17 00:26

if you like drifting, JDM and more

Takumi FR (391)

2010-07-05 11:47


J-2 ES (1324)

2010-07-05 11:49

Well done ;)

Star Wars Fanatic EN (487)

2010-07-05 18:46

Nice one!

XThUnDeRX CA (173)

2011-03-14 11:33

This game failed to catch on, not selling many units (On any platform), and in the end, would end up being the final game from Bizarre Creations due to closing up in early 2011.

J-2 ES (1324)

2011-03-14 16:32

Actually, their last game was 007: Cold Stone but Blur was their last driving game, that´s true.

-- Last edit: 2011-03-14 16:32:17

Star Wars Fanatic EN (487)

2011-03-14 22:38

Sad to see a great British developer go under like that.

XThUnDeRX CA (173)

2011-04-15 22:00

It still makes me wonder, what will ever happen to the guys from Bizarre?

J-2 ES (1324)

2011-04-16 01:30

Some are on Turn10 now, but that´s all i know.

stryder237 EN (3)

2011-05-26 17:29

Good game, good concept with a simple display of power-ups. I just stared my career in the game yesterday even though I have had it nearly a year. My brother got it and played it a bit, then I got xbox live and didn't touch it since. Good array of cars and tracks and good races.

k9underdogg AR (0)

2012-10-26 16:32

@gtrfan why should games be like nfs? At least these guys tried to be more original or different instead of making just another shitty generic racing game. If we have need for speed, why make another game that's "like need for speed"? Besides, the NFS series has been going downhill faster than a Mclaren F1, lately.

IanE55 MX (7)

2012-11-04 04:13

Bizarre Creation's last racing game :(

strike9 US (13)

2012-11-20 02:08

i agree, ea is turning out some of the crappiest NFS ever, the need to go back to most wanted, add about 100 more cars, better ai, and more difficult cop chases, and then there halfway back to making something that resembles a good racing game, Theres 10 things a good street racing game need today and that is 1. a high level of customization, 2. ai that can't be beaten on HARD level with the weekest car in the game. 3.a vast, open world with lots of stunt ramps(similiar to burnout paradise). 4. Really awesome sound effects( the one thing on this list they actually have) 5.A vast car list ranging from low end tuners to exclusive ultra rare exotics (like midnight club 3). 6. ABSOLUTELY NO RELIANCE ON DLC!. 7.Lots of replay value and a huge garage capacity and easy money (like juiced 2) (you should be able to purchase and keep keep every car the game offers in your garage) 8.awesome damage effects (just short of Burnout or Gta4) 9.CARS! 10.CARS! did i mention the cars?

lcpdcv US (52)

2012-11-20 03:06

You really think they'll actually do something like that?

strike9 US (13)

2012-12-08 21:46

no EA never listens to the public, but i can dream, Can't I?

Skyline159 FR (35)

2012-12-10 18:17

R.I.P. Bizarre Creations :(

victorvance DE (314)

2012-12-21 00:58

Great how perfectly fits the soundtrack composed by Ennio Morricone to this introduction! :love:

Silnev AU (50)

2018-02-15 00:25

Ok so some of the cars you can unlock in single player were missing so I added them, mostly boss cars and variants. Also I added a "Legend" car. Legend cars were the reward for leveling up in multiplayer and reaching certain legend ranks. The legend ACS1 is for rank 1 and there are 9 others going up to rank 10. However my skill at the multiplayer is not the best and due to the online being mostly dead these days it might be a challenge to get the other 9...

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